Barney Childs

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This remarkable composer of experimental music was born on February 13, 1926, in Spokane, WA. He received early musical influences at home from his mother, but his original intent was to become an aeronautical…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Music for Bass Drum, for 3 percussionists 1964 Chamber Music
Quartet for bassoons 1958 Chamber Music
37 Songs, for prepared piano 1971 Keyboard
Real Music, for 2 clarinets 1981 Chamber Music
London Rice Wine, for any woodwind instrument 1973 Chamber Music
Heaven to Clear When Day Did Close..., for piano 1980 Keyboard
Take 5, for 5 instruments out of 8 parts 1962 Chamber Music
Stances, for flute & silence 1963 Chamber Music
Sonata for Bass Alone, for double bass 1960 Chamber Music
Music for Contrabass & Friend, for double bass & any orchestral instrument 1964 Chamber Music
London Rice Wine, for solo bass clarinet 1973 Chamber Music
Variation on Night River Music, for reader 1969 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Any Five, for 5 players 1965 Chamber Music
Changes for 3 oboes 1959 Chamber Music
Sonata for Solo Trombone
Pastoral, for bass clarinet & electronic sounds 1983 Chamber Music
Sonata for clarinet 1951 Chamber Music
Blazer, for snare drum 1987 Chamber Music
Racussen Variations, for horn & piano Chamber Music
Instant Winners, for solo E flat clarinet 1986 Chamber Music
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