Arik Victor


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Year Album Artist
2016 Sumerlands Sumerlands Assistant Engineer
2013 Skywriter Blue: 1998-2000 The Skywriters Engineer
2011 Zeitgeist: Spirit of the Age The Lost Children of Babylon Mixing, Mastering
2009 The First Five Higher Giant Engineer, Audio Engineer
2008 Preserved Emergencies Venomous Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2008 Something Started Here 1995-2007 Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
2008 Stronger, Faster, Science Grace Gale Engineer
2008 The Stress Files Reef the Lost Cauze Remastering, Mastering
2007 Regional Community Theater LadybiRdS Audio Production
2007 Superbuck Superbuck Engineer
2006 Be Heard Barricade Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production, Vocals
2006 For Glory Guns on the Run Engineer, Mixing
2006 Little Machines The Danger O's Engineer
2005 Beaten by the Fists of God: Complete Documentary Live at Cbgb's October 10, 2004 [DVD] Sheer Terror Mixing
2005 Goodnight Sellout! Plow United Producer, Engineer, Remixing
2005 Left for Dead Red Tops Producer, Mixing
2005 Narcolepsy Plow United Producer, Engineer, Remixing, Liner Notes
2005 Things Can Still Get Better Finale Producer, Mixing
2005 This Is a Weapon Cranked Up! Producer, Engineer, Audio Production
2004 Boxer Rebellion The Boxer Rebellion Producer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar
2004 Explosives and the Will to Use Them Crime in Stereo Mixing
2004 Kill Your Idols/Full Speed Ahead [Split CD] Full Speed Ahead / Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
2004 Punch Drunk, Vol. 5 Producer, Engineer
2003 Formula Imperative Alison Ranger Producer, Engineer
2003 Hope and Rage Protagonist Producer, Mastering
2003 Issues + Options Phil Roy Engineer
2003 Jawbreaker Tribute: Bad Scene Everyone's Fault Producer, Engineer
2003 Kill Your Idols/Crime in Stereo Kill Your Idols Engineer, Mixing
2003 Ripping Waters The Boils Engineer
2003 Strong and On 2 Minutes Hate Producer
2002 Pride & Persecution The Boils Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2001 Funeral for a Feeling Kill Your Idols Engineer
2001 Good Riddance/Kill Your Idols Good Riddance / Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
2001 Indecision Records Split Series Producer, Engineer
2001 Stay Out of Order The Casualties Producer
2001 Warped Tour: 2001 Compilation Producer
2000 Kill Your Idols/The Nerve Agents Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
2000 No Gimmicks Needed Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
1999 A History in 11 Parts Super Hi-5 Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Mastering
1999 Punk Rock Jukebox, Vol. 2 Mastering
1999 Separation Is Killing Us Violent Society Producer, Engineer
1999 This Is Just the Beginning Kill Your Idols Producer, Engineer
1999 Thumbs Thumbs Engineer
1999 World Poison The Boils Producer, Engineer, Audio Engineer, Audio Production
1999 You Us and Them NC Thirteens Mastering
1995 Homage: Lots of Bands Doing Descendents' Songs Engineer
Goddamn Cowards Faking Engineer, Mixing
Home Lobotomy Kit Flag of Democracy Producer
How to Take the Burn Goddamnit Producer
Roadside Rendezvous Serial Killers Remastering
Rules for Making Up Words Exfriends Vocals
The Cardboard Swords The Cardboard Swords Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background)
The Droogettes The Droogettes Producer