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Year Album Artist
2016 Songs of the Night Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra Record Label
2016 Waxing the Gospel: Mass Evangelism and the Phonograph 1890-1900 Record Label
2013 World Famous Wizard of the Cornet Bohumir Kryl Record Label
2012 Eddie Morton's Bit of Broadway: The Sound of Vaudeville, Vol. 2 Eddie Morton Record Label
2012 Pennant-Winning Battery of Songland: Breakthrough Recordings, 1916-1918 Van & Schenck Record Label
2012 The Complete Wolverines: 1924-1928 The Wolverines Record Label
2011 Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 Guido Deiro Record Label
2010 Masters of the Clarinet Record Label
2009 1906: When Things Was Lookin' Bright Record Label
2009 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 2 Guido Pietro Deiro Record Label
2009 Jubilee Will Oakland Record Label
2009 Origins of the Red Hot Mama: 1910-1922 Sophie Tucker Record Label
2009 Sweetheart of the A.E.F. Elsie Janis Record Label
2008 Ain't Gonna Settle Down: The Pioneering Blues of Mary Stafford & Edith Wilson Mary Stafford / Edith Wilson Record Label
2008 Before Radio Record Label
2008 Debate 08 William Howard Taft Record Label
2008 The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 3 Record Label
2007 1915: They'd Sooner Sleep on Thistles Record Label
2007 Actionable Offenses: Indecent Phonograph Recordings From The 1890s Record Label
2007 Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 1 Guido Pietro Deiro Record Label
2007 Off the Record: The Complete 1923 Jazz Band Recordings King Oliver Record Label
2007 The Famous Tramp Comedian Nat M. Wills Record Label
2006 Anthology: The Last Recording Pioneer Irving Kaufman Record Label
2006 Echoes from Asbury Park Arthur Pryor / Arthur Pryor's Band Record Label
2006 Monarchs of Minstrelsy: Historic Recordings by the Stars of the Minstrel Stage Record Label
2006 The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 2: 1930-1931 Record Label
2006 The Great War: An American Musical Fantasy Record Label
2006 The San Francisco Sound, Vol. 2 Hickman Trio / Art Hickman & His Orchestra Record Label
2005 Henry Burr Anthology: The Original King of Pop Henry Burr Record Label
2005 Jazzin' Straight Thru' Paradise Wilbur Sweatman Record Label
2005 Lost Sounds: Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry 1891-1922 Record Label
2005 Real Ragtime: Disc Recordings from Its Heyday Record Label
2005 The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 1: 1930 Record Label
2005 The Complete Victor Releases Marion Harris Record Label
2005 The Phonographic Yearbook: 1916 - The Country Found Them Ready Record Label
2005 The Pink Lambert: A Collection of the First Celluloid Cylinders Record Label
2005 Together and Alone Nora Bayes / Nora Bayes & Jack Norworth Record Label
2004 1920: Even Water's Getting Weaker Record Label
2004 Phonographic Yearbook: 1908 - Take Me Out With the Crowd Record Label
2004 Phonographic Yearbook: 1921 - Make Believe and Smile Record Label
2004 Stomp and Swerve: American Music Gets Hot Record Label
2004 The Early Years 1901-1909 Bert Williams Record Label
2004 The Phonographic Yearbook: 1920 - Even Water's Getting Weaker Record Label
2004 The San Francisco Sound Art Hickman / Art Hickman & His Orchestra Record Label
2004 The Sound of Vaudeville, Vol. 1 Eddie Morton Record Label
2004 Those Moaning Saxophones Six Brown Brothers Record Label
2004 Volume 1: 1920-1921 Benson Orchestra of Chicago Record Label
2003 1913: Come and See the Big Parade Record Label
2003 1922: An Angel's Voice I Hear Record Label
2003 Floating Down The River: Complete Releases 1912-1914 Heidelberg Quintet Record Label
2003 Phonographic Yearbook: 1912 - Waitin' on the Levee Record Label
2003 The 1890s, Vol. 1: Wipe Him Off the Land Record Label
2003 The Middle Years 1910-1918 Bert Williams Record Label
2003 The Phonographic Yearbook: 1907 - "Dear Old Golden Rule Days" Record Label
2002 Anthology: The Denver Nightingale Billy Murray Record Label
2002 His Final Releases 1919-1922 Bert Williams Record Label
1917: "Yankees to the Ranks" Record Label
1918: Like The Sunshine After Rain Record Label
1919: Jazzin' Around And Paintin' The Town Record Label
A Bicentennial Tribute Record Label
Act Two, Scene New Record Label
Anthology: King of Comic Singers 1894-1917 Dan W. Quinn Record Label
Anthology: Singer, Songwriter, Soldier Arthur Fields Record Label
At the Minstrel Show Record Label
Attractive Hebrews: Lambert Yiddish Record Label
Broadway's Favorite Clowns Six Brown Brothers Record Label
Cabaret Echoes: New Orleans Jazzers at Work, 1918-1927 Record Label
Celebrated: 1895-1896 The Unique Quartette Record Label
Guido Deiro: Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 Guido Pietro Deiro Record Label
Happy Isham Jones & His Rainbo Orchestra Record Label
Her Memory Haunts You: 1914 Record Label
Mike & Meyer Files Lew Fields / Joe Weber Record Label
Talk of Your Scand'lous Times Record Label
The Complete Hit of the Week Recordings, Vol. 4 Record Label
The Indestructible Uncle Josh Cal Stewart Record Label
The Missing Link Record Label
The High Priestess of Jollity & The Southern Singer May Irwin / Clarice Vance Record Label
The Phonographic Yearbook 1911: Up, Up a Little Bit Higher Record Label
The Product of Our Souls James Reese Record Label
There Breathes a Hope: Legacy of John Work II & Fisk Jubilee Quartet Fisk University Jubilee Quartet / John W. Work II Record Label