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Year Album Artist
2005 The Bootleg Box Set, Vol. 1 Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2003 Action Time Vision: The ATV Anthology Alternative TV Project Coordinator
2003 American Folk-Blues Train: Alan Lomax Field and Studio Recordings Coordination
2003 Blues Run the Game Jackson C. Frank Project Coordinator
2003 Come to the Sabbat: The Anthology Black Widow Release Coordinator
2003 Give a Damn: The Folk Rock Years The Johnstons Project Coordinator
2003 Kissing the Beast Venom Release Coordinator
2003 Live in Poland Emerson Release Coordinator
2003 Living in the Danger Zone Strangeways Release Coordinator
2003 Long Stick Goes Boom: The Anthology Krokus Release Coordinator
2003 Mod Generation: Clean Living Under Difficult Circu Product Manager
2003 Mod Revival Generation: Time for Action Product Manager
2003 On the Highwire Trapeze Release Coordinator
2003 Power Crazy: The Best of Marshall Law Marshall Law Release Coordinator
2003 Rock You Tonight Marseille Release Coordinator
2003 Strawberry Bubblegum: A Collection of Pre-10CC Strawberry Studio Recordings 1969-1972 Coordination
2003 Take It Easy: The Fab Four Go Loungecore [Castle] Concept
2003 Terminally Groovy: The Singles Ned's Atomic Dustbin Release Coordinator
2003 The Lark in the Morning: The Early Years Steeleye Span Project Coordinator
2003 The Neat Singles Collection, Vol. 2 Release Coordinator
2003 The Northern Soul Generation: Keep the Faith Product Manager
2003 The Ultimate Collection Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2003 The Ultimate Collection -- Spirit of the Irish The Dubliners Coordination
2003 This Ain't No Fit Place: The Best of Savage Savage Release Coordinator
2003 Time Enough at Last The Fall Project Coordinator
2003 Ultimate Collection [Sanctuary] Small Faces Product Manager
2003 Wizards & Demons: Music Inspired by the Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien Release Coordinator
2002 3744 James Road: The HTD Anthology Groundhogs Project Coordinator
2002 Alive in Japan 10cc Project Coordinator
2002 All Systems Go! The Neat Anthology Raven Release Coordinator
2002 Anthology Gary Numan Release Coordinator
2002 Art of Levitation Peter Bardens Project Coordinator
2002 Best of the Bootlegs Emerson Coordination
2002 Bootleg Series, Vol. 1: Live at the Forum, London '94 Todd Rundgren Project Coordinator
2002 Bootleg Series, Vol. 2: KSAN 95FM, Live '79 Utopia Project Coordinator
2002 Bronze Albums Motörhead Reissue Coordination
2002 Days at Dawn David McWilliams Project Coordinator
2002 Decontrol: The Singles Discharge Release Coordinator
2002 Disconnection Gary Numan Release Coordinator
2002 Down the Dustpipe Status Quo Release Coordinator
2002 Heavy Soul Atomic Rooster Release Coordinator
2002 I'm Alright Jack & The Beanstalk The Damned Release Coordinator
2002 In League with Satan Venom Coordination, Release Coordinator
2002 In the Ghetto: Songs of Elvis Coordination
2002 Journey Through a Burning Brain (Anthology) Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
2002 Keep Us on the Road: Live 1977 Motörhead Release Coordinator
2002 La Beat en Francais Petula Clark Coordination
2002 Live Vicious White Kids Release Coordinator
2002 Live at the BBC The Nice Coordination
2002 Live in Japan Corduroy Coordination
2002 Live in London The Dickies Project Coordinator
2002 Metal Anarchy: The Best of Warfare Warfare Release Coordinator
2002 My Number Girl Project Coordinator
2002 No Future UK?/Spunk Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
2002 PWEI Product 86-94: The Pop Will Eat Itself Anthology Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
2002 Painted Heroes: The Anthology Tysondog Release Coordinator
2002 Power Games: The Anthology Jaguar Release Coordinator
2002 Punk Lives! Project Coordinator
2002 Riding with the Angels: The Anthology Samson Release Coordinator
2002 Rock of Ages [Essential] Coordination
2002 Sailor, Romeo & Other Romantic Notions Petula Clark Concept
2002 Sham Pistols Live Sex Pistols Project Coordinator
2002 Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987 The Damned Project Coordinator
2002 Some of Our Yesterdays: Anthology, 1985-1995 Fairport Convention Project Coordinator
2002 Stairway to the Stars: Live and Rare Sweet Release Coordinator
2002 Straight Faced Fighters Widowmaker Project Coordinator
2002 Streams of Whiskey: Live in Leysin, Switzerland The Pogues Producer, Project Coordinator
2002 Swedish Radio Sessions The Nice Release Coordinator
2002 Tear Ya Down: The Rarities Motörhead Release Coordinator
2002 The Best of Atomic Rooster [Silverline] Atomic Rooster Release Coordinator
2002 The Big H: Hellanbach Anthology Hellanbach Release Coordinator, Re-Release Coordinator
2002 The Boxed Miniatures Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2002 The Original Bootleg Series from the Manticore Vaults, Vol. 3 Emerson Project Coordinator
2002 The Original Lo-Fi Babybird Project Coordinator
2002 The Punk Singles 1981-1984 G.B.H. Release Coordinator
2002 The Rough Trade Singles Box The Fall Project Coordinator
2002 The Seven Gates of Hell: Singles 1980-1985 Venom Release Coordinator
2002 The Transatlantic Years Billy Connolly Release Coordinator
2002 Too Wild to Tame: Anthology Avenger Release Coordinator
2002 Totally Wired: The Rough Trade Anthology The Fall Project Coordinator
2002 Travelling Ways: The HTD Anthology Caravan Project Coordinator
2002 With All My Heart: Anthology Petula Clark Concept
2002 You Can't Put Your Arms Around a Memory Johnny Thunders Release Coordinator
2001 Cockney Kids Are Innocent: The Best of Sham 69 Sham 69 Project Coordinator
2001 Come Away Melinda: A Collection of Classic Uriah Heep Ballads Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
2001 Early 70's: Singles Status Quo Project Coordinator
2001 Guitar Workshop [Castle Double Disc] Project Coordinator
2001 Springtime for Hitler Legs Larry Smith Release Coordinator
2001 The Original Bootleg Series From Manticore Vaults, Vol. 2 Emerson Project Coordinator
2001 We Don't Care: Anthology Slaughter & the Dogs Production Coordination
2000 Ever After: Live The Mission UK Project Coordinator
1996 The Light User Syndrome The Fall Project Coordinator
1996 Wonderland Judie Tzuke Project Coordinator
1995 Live in Concert The Stranglers Project Coordinator
1995 Shooting Stars: The Dollar Collection Dollar Coordination
1995 Sounds of the Sixties Coordination
1994 Evil Live Diamond Head Project Coordinator
1994 Skeletons in the Closet Venom Release Coordinator
1994 The Lansdowne Tapes Uriah Heep Release Coordinator
1994 The Vicious White Kids: Live in Concert Sid Vicious Release Coordinator
1994 Troubadours of Folk: The 60s Acoustic Explosion Coordination
1993 Death & Night & Blood The Stranglers Project Coordinator
1993 Death & Progress Diamond Head Project Coordinator
1989 No Future UK? Sex Pistols Project Manager
1988 Live Miles Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1988 Now for a Feast! Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
1987 Box Frenzy Pop Will Eat Itself Project Coordinator
1987 I Prefer the Moonlight Kenny Rogers Re-Release Coordinator
1987 Starting Up Roy Wood Project Coordinator
1987 Tyger Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1986 Green Desert Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1986 Not the Captain's Birthday Party? The Damned Release Coordinator
1986 They Don't Make Them Like They Used To Kenny Rogers Re-Release Coordinator
1986 Underwater Sunlight Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1985 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Venom Re-Release Coordinator
1985 Heart of the Matter Kenny Rogers Release Coordinator
1985 Le Parc Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1985 Long Days Black Nights Magnum Release Coordinator
1985 On a Storyteller's Night Magnum Release Coordinator
1985 The Cat Is Out Judie Tzuke Project Coordinator
1984 Cloven Hoof Cloven Hoof Project Coordinator
1984 Poland: The Warsaw Concert Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1984 What About Me? Kenny Rogers Re-Release Coordinator
1983 At War with Satan Venom Release Coordinator
1983 No Sweat Geordie Release Coordinator
1983 Taken by Storm Bronz Project Coordinator
1982 Back with a Vengeance: The Anthology Fist Release Coordinator
1982 Black Metal Venom Release Coordinator
1981 Lightning to the Nations (The White Album) Diamond Head Project Coordinator
1981 Welcome to Hell Venom Release Coordinator
1980 Acting My Age Graduate Project Coordinator
1978 Love Beach Emerson Project Coordinator
1977 Damned Damned Damned The Damned Project Coordinator
1977 Music for Pleasure The Damned Project Coordinator
1977 Works, Vol. 1 Emerson Project Coordinator
1976 The Modern Lovers The Modern Lovers Coordination
1974 The Beginning of Doves Marc Bolan Coordination
1974 Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends: Ladies & Gentlemen, Emerson Lake & Palmer Emerson Project Coordinator
1973 Brain Salad Surgery Emerson Project Coordinator
1973 Live Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1973 The Magician's Birthday Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination, Reissue Coordinator
1972 Demons and Wizards Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1972 Faro Annie John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1972 Pictures at an Exhibition Emerson Project Coordinator
1972 Trilogy Emerson Project Coordinator
1972 Zeit Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1971 Dog of Two Head Status Quo Compilation Producer, Coordination
1971 Rosemary Lane Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1971 Salisbury Uriah Heep Reissue Coordination
1971 Tarkus Emerson Project Coordinator
1970 Cruel Sister Pentangle Project Coordinator
1970 Electronic Meditation Tangerine Dream Project Coordinator
1970 Ma Kelly's Greasy Spoon Status Quo Coordination, Compilation Coordinator
1970 The Lady and the Unicorn John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1970 Very 'Eavy... Very 'Umble Uriah Heep Coordination, Reissue Coordination
1969 Basket of Light Pentangle Project Coordinator
1969 Birthday Blues Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1969 Children of the Sun The Sallyangie Project Coordinator
1969 Nice The Nice Project Coordinator
1969 Spare Parts Status Quo Coordination
1968 Ars Longa Vita Brevis The Nice Project Coordinator
1968 Picturesque Matchstickable Messages from the Status Quo Status Quo Coordination
1968 Sir John Alot of Merrie Englandes Musyk Thyng & ye Grene Knyghte John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1968 Sweet Child Pentangle Project Coordinator
1968 The Pentangle Pentangle Project Coordinator
1967 Another Monday John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1967 Nicola Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1967 The Thoughts of Emerlist Davjack The Nice Project Coordinator
1966 Bert & John Bert Jansch / John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1966 Jack Orion Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1965 Bert Jansch Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1965 Fairytale Donovan Project Coordinator
1965 It Don't Bother Me Bert Jansch Project Coordinator
1965 John Renbourn John Renbourn Project Coordinator
1965 What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid Donovan Project Coordinator
1964 Red Hot from Alex Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated Project Coordinator
Very Yeah: The Director's Cut Complete Compositions 1992-1996 Corduroy Coordination