Anton Diabelli

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Anton Diabelli, a competent and very productive composer of attractive music, is best known as the author of a musical idea from which another composer made a masterpiece. He was a choir boy in Salzburg…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Waltz (Theme for the Variations) 00:58 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Serenata Concertante, Op. 105 22:20 Chamber Music
Sonata for guitar in A major 16:15 Chamber Music
Grande Sérénade No. 4, Op. 95 20:44 Chamber Music
Potpourri No.1 from the Favorite Works of Beethoven for flute (or violin) & guitar 10:50 Chamber Music
Pastoral Mass in F, Op. 147 28:14 Choral
Sonatina for piano in G major, Op. 151/1 05:05 Keyboard
Grande sonata Brillante for guitar & piano in D, Op. 102 17:57 Chamber Music
Virgo Maria, for chorus, orchestra & organ 1855 06:30 Choral
Rondo Militaire, for piano 03:19 Keyboard
Andante con Espressione 04:08 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sonata for piano 4-hands in D minor, Op. 33 12:06 Keyboard
Walzer (6) für den Karneval, for 2 violins & double bass 04:42 Chamber Music
Grande Sérénade No. 3, Op. 66 16:53 Chamber Music
Wiener Tanz (Viennese Dance) 02:07 Orchestral
Serenade for flute & guitar, Op. 99 15:30 Chamber Music
Sonatina for guitar & piano in G, Op. 70 08:02 Chamber Music
Sonata for guitar in C major 12:33 Chamber Music
Sonata for guitar in A major, Op. 29/2 24:25 Chamber Music
Sonata in D major, arranged for 3 guitars 13:49 Chamber Music
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