Anouk Teeuwe

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Year Album Artist
2019 Oompie Keke Kempi Composer
2018 Wen d'r Maar Aan Anouk Composer
2018 Waar Ga Je Heen Maan Composer
2018 11 Quessswho Composer
2016 Queen for a Day Anouk Composer
2016 Fake It Till We Die Anouk Composer
2015 Walk Along Trijntje Oosterhuis Composer
2015 Pass It On Douwe Bob Composer
2015 Greatest Hits Anouk Composer
2015 Eurovision Song Contest: Vienna 2015 Composer
2015 Collected Trijntje Oosterhuis Composer
2014 You & I Anouk Composer
2014 Paradise and Back Again Anouk Composer
2014 Live at Symphonica in Rosso Anouk Composer
2014 Feet On the Ground Nicky Romero Composer
2013 Sad Singalong Songs Anouk Composer
2012 Wrecks We Adore Trijntje Oosterhuis Composer
2011 To Get Her Together Anouk Producer, Adaptation, Composer, Musical Adaptation
2011 Sharp Dressed Men Tiny Little Bigband Composer
2011 Rules Changed Up Piotr Lisiecki Composer, Lyricist
2011 Live at Toomler Anouk Composer, Musical Adaptation
2009 For Bitter or Worse Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2008 Modern World [Bonus Tracks] Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2008 Live at Gelredome Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2008 If I Go Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2008 I Don't Wanna Hurt Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2007 Who's Your Momma Anouk Composer, Lyricist
2007 Good God Anouk Lyricist
2007 Best of Evridiki [#2] Evridiki Composer
2006 Update Anouk Composer
2006 Is Alive Anouk Composer
2006 Girl/Lost Anouk Composer
2006 Finalisten Junior Song Festival 2006: Geen Kinderliedjes Composer
2006 All Gone Postman Vocals
2005 The Lost Tracks Anouk Composer
2005 One World/Falling Sun Anouk Composer
2005 One Word/Jerusalem Anouk Composer
2005 One Word Anouk Composer
2005 Live & Acoustic Anouk Composer
2005 Hotel New York: Live Edition Anouk Composer
2005 Hotel New York Anouk Composer
2004 Graduated Fool Anouk Composer
1999 Urban Solitude Anouk Composer
1997 Together Alone Anouk Composer
Women of 90s Pop Composer
Woman Anouk Composer, Lyricist
With You Anouk Composer
What We Do Best Morrison Composer
Three Days in a Row Anouk Composer, Lyricist
Spijt Maan Composer/Lyricist
Run Away Together Anouk Composer
Only You Anouk Composer
Niet Zomaar Paul Sinha Composer
Mooie Droom Dave Budha Composer
Million Dollar Anouk Composer
Met Die B*tch Quessswho Composer
Lost Anouk Composer
Live...Ki Allios Evridiki Composer
Lief Zoals Je Bent Maan Composer
Lente Anouk Composer/Lyricist
Knocked Out Trijntje Oosterhuis Composer
Just Girls Composer
Jij Anouk Composer
It’s a New Day Anouk Composer
I Love You Anouk Composer, Vocals (Background)
I Just Met a Man Anouk Composer
I Got You Zeeba Composer
Het Is Klaar Anouk Composer
Gazosa Gazosa Composer
Down & Dirty Anouk Composer
Daze [Originally Performed by Jabar featuring Soulja Boy Tell'Em] DJ Cover This Composer
Casablanca Nights, Vol. 2 Composer