The third part of the euphoniously capable Oldham clan is Ned Oldham--the other two being fraternal cohorts Will Oldham and Paul Oldham. Ned Oldham started a group called the Anomoanon in 1997. In the Oldham tradition, Anomoanon will most definitely host a revolving cast of band members, but unlike Will, who is known for his dour and repentant folk rock, Ned Oldham's project reflects more of a southern rock and country core. His music seems to capture the southern rock spirit of Neil Young with a guitar-driven pulse that complements Ned's twangy, extroverted voice. The band debuted in 1998 with Mother Goose, a full-length rendition of the classic Mother Goose fairy tales (with a country-rock twist) that was perhaps too dark for children. Later in the same year, they issued a seven-song EP called The Summer Never Ends. Both of these ...
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