Angelo Notari

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Before Notari left Italy for England he had contributed to Legname's book of canzonets in 1608. When he came to England he found a station with the household of Prince Henry and by 1618 was in service…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Variations on the Ruggiero 05:46 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Ahi, che s'accresce in me 02:33 Vocal Music
Ecco ch'un 'altra volta 04:17 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Intenerite voi 03:36 Vocal Music
Con esperanças espero, for 3 voices & continuo 02:06 Vocal Music
Musa, Amor porta novella, for 3 voices & continuo 02:29 Vocal Music
Occhi miei, for 2 voices & continuo 02:40 Vocal Music
Così di ben amar, for 4 voices & continuo 04:31 Vocal Music
Sì da me pur mi desviano, for 3 voices & continuo 02:01 Vocal Music
Su la riva del Tebro, for 2 voices & continuo 02:09 Vocal Music
Ben qui si mostra il ciel (after Cipriano) 04:32 Chamber Music
Se nasce in cielo, for 2 voices & continuo 01:51 Vocal
Piangono al pianger mio le fere, for 2 voices & continuo 03:38 Vocal Music
Passeggiata 04:52 Chamber Music
O bella Clori, for 2 voices & continuo 01:23 Vocal Music
Occhi, un tempo mia vita, for 2 voices & continuo 01:55 Vocal Music
Mesta ti scorgo, for 3 voices & continuo 02:33 Vocal Music
Girate, occhi, girate, for 2 voices & continuo 01:50 Vocal Music
Anima eletta, for voice & continuo 04:47 Vocal Music
Che farai, Meliseo?, for voice & continuo 03:05 Vocal Music
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