Andreas Marschall


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Year Album Artist
2017 Gunmen Orden Ogan Cover Art
2017 Obituary Obituary Cover Art
2017 Woe to the Vanquished Warbringer Artwork
2016 Built to Last HammerFall Cover Art
2016 Ten Thousand Ways to Die Obituary Cover Art
2015 Ravenhead Orden Ogan Portraits, Logo, Cover Art
2014 (r)Evolution HammerFall Cover Art
2014 Inked in Blood Obituary Cover Art
2013 A Traveler's Guide to Space & Time Blind Guardian Artwork, Cover Art
2012 To the End Orden Ogan Cover Art
2011 Walking in the Air: The Greatest Ballads Nightwish Cover Art
2010 Easton Hope Orden Ogan Cover Art
2009 Darkest Day Obituary Cover Art
2008 At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990 Kreator Director, Editing
2008 Left to Die Obituary Cover Art
2008 Realm of Terror Merciless Death Cover Art
2007 Final Sign of Evil Sodom Cover Art
2007 Frozen Alive [Video] Obituary Illustrations
2007 Xecutioner's Return Obituary Cover Art
2005 Frozen in Time Obituary Cover Illustration
2004 The End Complete/World Demise Obituary Band Logo Design, Cover Illustration
2003 Live Blind Guardian Cover Painting
2003 Live Kreation Kreator Cover Painting
2003 Ten Years in Rage Rage Cover Art
2002 King of All Kings Hate Eternal Cover Painting
2002 The Gates of Oblivion Dark Moor Cover Painting
2002 The Headless Horseman Pegazus Artwork
2002 The Jester Race/Black-Ash Inheritance In Flames Artwork
2002 Unholy Cult Immolation Cover Art
2001 On the Edge Iron Fire Cover Art
2001 Past Life Trauma (1985-1992) Kreator Cover Art
2001 The Hall of the Olden Dreams Dark Moor Cover Painting
2000 Afterlife Nocturnal Rites Cover Art
2000 Close to a World Below Immolation Cover Art
2000 Heart of a Killer Winters Bane Cover Painting
2000 Renegade HammerFall Artwork
1999 Breaking the Chains Pegazus Cover Painting
1999 I Want Out HammerFall Artwork
1998 Nexus Polaris Kovenant Cover Art
1998 Nightfall in Middle-Earth Blind Guardian Paintings, Story, Cover Painting
1998 The Rivalry Running Wild Cover Art
1997 Towards the Twilight Night in Gales Cover Painting
1997 Visions Stratovarius Illustrations
1997 Whoracle In Flames Cover Art
1996 End of All Days Rage Cover Art
1996 Here in After Immolation Illustrations
1996 The Forgotten Tales Blind Guardian Artwork, Cover Painting
1996 Tunes of War Grave Digger Concept, Cover Art
1995 Black in Mind Rage Cover Art
1995 Heart of Darkness Grave Digger Cover Art
1995 Imaginations from the Other Side Blind Guardian Cover Art, Cover Painting
1995 Land of the Free Gamma Ray Illustrations
1995 Masquerade Running Wild Cover Art
1995 Masquerade in Blood Sodom Cover Art
1994 Ace of Spades EP Spudmonsters Paintings
1994 Bag of Tricks Annihilator Cover Art
1994 Black Hand Inn Running Wild Artwork
1994 Killing with Style Thunderhead Cover Design
1993 Tokyo Tales Blind Guardian Artwork
1992 Dangerous Meeting King Diamond Illustrations
1992 Pile of Skulls Running Wild Artwork, Cover Art
1992 Somewhere Far Beyond Blind Guardian Cover Art, Cover Painting
1992 The End Complete Obituary Illustrations, Artwork
1992 Trapped! Rage Cover Art
1991 Blazon Stone Running Wild Illustrations, Back Cover, Cover Illustration
1991 Dawn of Possession Immolation Photography, Illustrations, Artwork, Cover Illustration
1991 Timebomb U.D.O. Artwork
1990 Better Off Dead Sodom Cover Art
1990 Coma of Souls Kreator Artwork, Art Direction
1990 Cracked Brain Destruction Cover Painting
1990 Tales from the Twilight World Blind Guardian Artwork, Concept, Cover Art, Cover Painting
1989 Agent Orange Sodom Cover Art
1989 Dead End Grinder Cover Painting
1988 Battalions of Fear Blind Guardian Artwork
King of Persia Symphonity Cover Art
Queen of the Witches Crystal Viper Cover Art
Steelcrusher Hammercult Artwork