Andrea Gabrieli

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Along with composing music for some of the greatest Venetian ceremonial occasions, Gabrieli's music often was dedicated to highly important figures.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Ricercar del duodecimo tono, for 4 parts 02:24 Chamber Music
Chi 'nde darĂ  la bose al solfizar, madrigal for 3 voices 02:47 Vocal Music
Canzon francese detta "Petit Jacquet" a quatro voci, for keyboard 02:14 Keyboard
Ricercar del primo tono, for organ (from "Ricercari...libro secondo") 05:07 Keyboard
Intonatione del primo tono, for organ 01:16 Keyboard
Canzon detta "Qui la dira," for keyboard (after Janequin's chanson) 04:03 Keyboard
Ricercar del secondo tono, for organ (from "Il terzo libro de ricercari") 03:37 Keyboard
Aria della Battaglia, for 8 parts 06:19 Chamber Music
Canzon ariosa, for organ 02:58 Keyboard
Intonatione del settimo tono, for organ 01:15 Keyboard
Ricercar del sesto tono, for 4 parts 03:03 Chamber Music
Anchor che col partire, madrigal for 3 voices 03:20 Vocal Music
Pass'e mezzo antico in cinque modi variati, for organ 03:37 Keyboard
Canzon francese detta "Ung gay bergier," for keyboard (after Crequillon's chanson) 02:58 Keyboard
Ricercar arioso for organ No. 1 (from "Canzoni...libro quinto") 03:24 Keyboard
Domine, exaudi orationem meam (Psalm 142 [143]), for 6 voices 08:51 Choral
Toccata del decimo tono, for organ (from "Intonationi d'organo...") 02:32 Keyboard
Fuit homo missus a Deo, for keyboard (transcription of motet for 4 voices; spurious) 05:29 Keyboard
Intonatione del sesto tono, for organ 01:24 Keyboard
O sacrum convivium, motet for 5 voices 04:13 Choral
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