Amy Bennick


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Year Album Artist
2017 Long List of Priors Kenny White Graphic Design
2017 Piano Song Matthew Shipp Art Direction
2016 I Used to Be the Real Me Hugh Prestwood Artwork, Design
2015 The Meth Lab Method Man Layout
2014 I've Been to Many Places Matthew Shipp Graphic Design
2014 Live in Ireland Judy Collins Artwork
2013 Greatest Hits Matthew Shipp Graphic Design
2013 Massive Threads Kris Davis Graphic Design
2013 Piano Sutras Matthew Shipp Graphic Design
2012 Elastic Aspects Matthew Shipp Trio Design
2011 Art of the Improviser Matthew Shipp Graphic Design
2011 Greg Ward's Phonic Juggernaut Greg Ward Graphic Design
2010 Blink of an Eye The Post Modern Jazz Quartet / Scanner Graphic Design
2010 Comfort in the Static Kenny White Artwork, Design
2010 Paradise Judy Collins Graphic Design
2009 The L Word: Menage a Trois: Seasons One, Two and Three Graphic Design
2008 Born To the Breed: A Tribute to Judy Collins Package Design
2008 Greatest Hits Fulanito Graphic Design
2007 All Time Greatest Bits The Jerky Boys Graphic Design
2007 Vacaneria Fulanito Logo
2007 Welcome to My Bad Behavior edibleRed Graphic Design
2006 Alive and Kickin' Ass Crack the Sky Art Direction, Design
2006 Citizen X Palumbo Artwork, Cover Design
2006 Freestyle's Best Extended Versions, Vol. 3-4 Graphic Design
2006 Jimmy's Jamboree James Mee Art Direction
2006 Songs About Life and Girls (But Mostly Girls) Ty Hager Art Direction
2005 Latin Hip Hop Hits, Vol. 2 Fulanito Design, Concept
2005 Portrait of an American Girl Judy Collins Package Design
2005 The Precious Brothers The Precious Brothers Graphic Design
2004 Judy Collins 3 & 4 Judy Collins Artwork
2004 La Verdad Fulanito Design, Concept
2004 La-Dee-Da-Dee (We Like To Party) Loustar & the Hoodstars / Park Slope Design, Packaging
2004 Little Pieces Jimmy Norman Graphic Design
2004 Music for the World, Vol. 1 Art Direction, Design
2004 Queer as Folk: The Fourth Season Graphic Design
2004 The Essential [Wildflower] Judy Collins Design
2004 The L Word Graphic Design
2004 The Ultimate Jerky Boys Collection The Jerky Boys Graphic Design
2003 Freestyle's Best Extended Versions, Vol. 1-2 Graphic Design
2003 Funny Ha Ha...Funny Strange Ty Hager Graphic Design
2003 Los Primos Juan Carlos Quintero Art Direction, Design
2003 NYC Sanctuary DJ Boris Design, Concept
2003 Wildflower Festival Judy Collins Artwork
2002 Haciendo Travesuras Chico Malo Artwork
2002 Latin Hip Hop Hits Fulanito Design, Concept
2002 Love, Sex, Money K7 Art Direction
2002 Reggaeton Fever Inocentes MC Graphic Design
2002 The Best of the Jerky Boys The Jerky Boys Graphic Design
2001 Americanizao Fulanito Graphic Design
2001 Exclusivo Xandro Y Su Punto Graphic Design
2001 La Bandera: The Flag, Vol. 2 Graphic Design
2001 Laugh Bob DiPiero Art Direction
2001 Live at the Bluebird Harley Allen Art Direction, Design
2001 Live at the Bluebird Don Henry Art Direction
2001 Live at the Bluebird Cafe Don Schlitz Art Direction, Design
2001 Live at the Down Home disappear fear Graphic Design
2001 Los Musicos Juan Carlos Quintero Art Direction, Design
2001 Maids and Golden Apples Judy Collins Graphic Design
2001 The Remixes Fulanito Graphic Design, Concept
2001 Together at the Bluebird Cafe Steve Earle Art Direction, Design
2000 BET on Jazz: For the Love of Jazz Cover Design
2000 Inocentes MC Inocentes MC Graphic Design
2000 La Nueva Mezcla, Vol. 2 Design, Concept
2000 Latin House Party, Vol. 4 Graphic Design
2000 Live at the Bluebird Cafe Angela Kaset Art Direction, Design
2000 Live at the Bluebird Cafe Fred Knobloch Art Direction, Design
2000 Live at the Bluebird Cafe Michael Johnson Art Direction, Design
2000 Millionario Mambo Rico Mambo Graphic Design
2000 Reflections of Buhaina Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers Graphic Design
2000 The Birth of Hard Bop Hank Mobley / Lee Morgan Graphic Design
2000 The Last Savoy Sessions Yusef Lateef Graphic Design
1999 Catgut Flambo Guitar X2 Design
1999 Debussy: Piano Works Graphic Design
1999 Jazz: Discover an American Original '99 Design, Cover Art Concept
1999 Que Siguel el Party Sancocho Graphic Design, Design
1999 The Best 11 of '99: Classical Greatness in the Making Cover Art Concept, Design
1999 Timely Chico Hamilton Art Direction
1999 Totalmente Diferente Los Potros del Caballo Design
1998 Bach & Handel Suites Camerata Bern / La Stravaganza Köln Graphic Design
1998 Crossroads Jeff Berlin Design
1998 Czech Tone Poems Zdenek Kosler Graphic Design
1998 French Symphonies: Berlioz, Franck, Saint-Saëns Naomi Matsui Graphic Design
1998 If Women Ruled the World Ethel Ennis Design
1998 Mozart: Last Four Symphonies Dresden Staatskapelle Graphic Design
1998 Romantic Piano Concertos Graphic Design
1998 Satie: Piano Works Graphic Design
1998 Serenades for Strings Graphic Design
1998 Tchaikovsky: Symphonies 4-6 Graphic Design
1998 Vivaldi & Bach: Violin Concertos Accademia Bizantina / Carlo Chiarappa / Jean-Jacques Kantorow / Münchener Kammerorchester / Hans Stadlmair Graphic Design
1997 Bon Bon El Calefon Design
1997 Brasileiro Mato Grosso Graphic Design
1997 Bryan Steele Group Bryan Steele Art Direction
1997 Camel Road [Cross Currents] Sharkiat Design
1997 Dziwo Nefa Susu Bilibi Graphic Design
1997 Gaucho Rider Luiz Carlos Borges Graphic Design
1997 Hombre Mas Famoso de la Tierra Fulanito Graphic Design, Design
1997 La Bandera: The Flag Graphic Design, Design
1997 Softly Marc Copland Art Direction
1997 The Mind Chubb Rock Graphic Design
1997 Uch Sumer Bolot & Nohon Graphic Design
1997 Voices of the Black Sea Ensemble Mzetamze Graphic Design
1997 Way Home Juan Carlos Quintero Graphic Design, Art Direction
1996 44 Ways G Shorties Graphic Design
1996 740 Boyz 740 Boyz Graphic Design, Design
1996 Bluesilian Tania Maria Design
1996 Cutting's Ultimate Freestyle Medleys, Vol. 1 Graphic Design
1996 Cutting's Ultimate Freestyle Medleys, Vol. 2 Graphic Design, Design
1996 Freestyle's Elite Club Cover Design
1996 Keep America Beautiful Skunkweed Illustrations
1996 Songs in the Rough Art Direction, Design
1995 No Comment Tania Maria Art Direction, Design
1994 House Party 3 [Original Soundtrack] Creative Director
1994 Lite & Sweet Po'Boy Swing Graphic Design
1993 Straight from the Underground C.O.D. Director
1992 A Hero Ain't Nuthin' But a Sandwich The A.T.E.E.M. Creative Director
1992 Bitch Betta Have My Money AMG Creative Director
1992 Get the Love Whistle Creative Director
1992 Go Down (But Don't Bite It) The Real Roxanne Creative Director
1992 I Gotta Get Mine Yo! Chubb Rock Creative Director
1992 Ruff Life Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket Creative Director
1992 Strong Enough Director
1991 Face the Nation Kid 'N Play Art Direction
1991 Godfather Don Godfather Don Art Direction
1991 In Tone We Trust Style Art Direction
1991 The One Chubb Rock Artwork
1991 Valoom Padoom Pink (Or Something) ESP Creative Director
1990 Medellin Juan Carlos Quintero Art Direction, Design
1988 2 Hype Kid 'N Play Art Direction, Cover Art Concept
1988 Transformation Whistle Art Direction
1987 Lethal U.T.F.O. Art Direction
1985 UTFO U.T.F.O. Art Direction
1981 The Other Side of Town Chuck E. Weiss Package Design
1980 White Music Crack the Sky Art Direction
1975 Crack the Sky Crack the Sky Art Direction, Design