The part Dutch, part Turkish group Altin Gün are dedicated to honoring and updating the psychedelic sounds of Turkey in the late 1960s and early '70s. Mixing traditional Turkish instruments with fuzz guitars and synths, the sounds heard on their two albums (2018's On and 2019's Gece) are reverent to the wild music of the past while fitting in perfectly with the neo-psych sounds of their own era. On 2021's Yol, the group added synths and drum machines, bringing another level of texture to their heady mix of styles. The idea of Altin Gün came about when bassist Jasper Verhulst, guitarist Ben Rider, and drummer Nick Mauskovic (all members of Jacco Gardner's live group) were on a tour stop in Turkey. Verhulst spent his time off record shopping, bought some albums by artists like Barış Manço, Selda, and Erkin Koray -- the main movers of ...
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Gece 2019 Gece
Yol 2021 Yol
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