British bassist who played with first-generation punks the Damned and the Saints, and New Wave of British Heavy Metal band Tank.


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Year Album Artist
2021 Punk Oddities & Rare Tracks 1977-1982 The Damned Composer
2019 Black Is the Night: The Definitive Anthology The Damned Composer
2008 The Filth Hounds of Hades: Dogs of War 1981-2002 Tank Producer, Vocals, Keyboards, Bass, Group Member, Composer
2007 Regenerated In the Grave [Box Set] Bulldozer Producer
2007 Punk: F**k Art Let's Danse Composer
2007 Guitar Heroes: Rock of the '80s Composer
2006 Noise Noise Noise The Damned Composer
2006 Life Less Lived: The Gothic Box Bass
2006 Best of the Damned: Total Damnation The Damned Composer
2005 The Very Best of Network: View from the Bar Network Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2005 If the Kids Are United: The Punk Box Set Composer
2004 Punk Generation: Total Anarchy Composer
2004 Punk Generation: Best of Oddities & Versions The Damned Composer
2004 Neat Neat Neat: The Alternative Anthology The Damned Composer
2004 Destroy All DJs B.P. Composer
2004 Death Disco LTD: The Club Soundtrack Composer
2003 Still at War Tank Producer, Audio Production, Vocals, Bass Instrument, Bass, Group Member, Composer
2003 Refusal to Comply Network Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass)
2003 LNC Network Bass
2003 Hotel Pelirocco Composer
2003 Hardest Hits [Box] Composer
2003 End of the Line Necropolis Bass, Soloist
2003 British Punk Classics Holly Tree Composer
2003 Best of Network: View from the Bar Network Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass), Bass
2002 Smash It Up: The Anthology 1976-1987 The Damned Bass, Composer
2002 Secret Records: The Punk Singles Collection Composer
2002 Punk Lives! Composer
2002 Live: Anthology The Damned Composer
2002 Complete Punk Collection: Cash from Chaos Composer
2001 War of Attrition - Live '81 Tank Liner Notes, Vocals, Bass Instrument, Bass, Composer
2001 Undead: The Greatest Goth Collection of All Time Composer
2001 The Last Throw of the Dice Network Bass
2001 The Entire History of Punk Composer
2001 Silver Jubilee: Twenty-Five Years of Punk Composer
2001 Punk: The Worst of Total Anarchy, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Pleasure & the Pain: Selected Highlights The Damned Composer
2001 Lost Boys M.I.A. Composer
2001 Gothic Madness Composer
2001 God Save the Queen [DTK] Composer
2001 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk [Box] Composer
2000 Peace of Mind Michael Monroe Composer
2000 Molten Lager The Damned Composer
2000 Lightning Records Punk Collection Composer
2000 I Spit on Your Gravy Composer
1999 The Shit Factory: Greatest Punk Swindle [Dressed to Kill] Composer
1999 Super Best The Damned Composer
1999 Punk and Disorderly, Vol. 1 Composer
1999 Nowhere Near You The Jenny Thing Composer
1999 Marvellous: The Best of the Damned The Damned Bass, Composer
1999 Live at the Roxy [Receiver] Composer
1999 Eternal Damnation Live The Damned Composer
1999 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Vols. 1-3 Composer
1999 Box Set The Damned Composer
1999 Anarchy, Angst & Bollocks: UK Punk Anthology Composer
1998 United Kingdom of Punk, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Those Boogie Knights & Disco Divas Composer
1998 The Return of the Filth Hounds Live Tank Vocals, Bass Instrument, Guitar (Bass), Composer
1998 Symphony of Destruction (Punk Goes Classical) London Punkharmonic Orchestra Composer
1998 Born to Kill The Damned Composer
1997 Young Raw Sounds, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 The World of Punk Composer
1997 The Chaos Years: Rare & Unreleased 1977-1982 The Damned Composer
1997 The Best of Chron Gen Chron Gen Composer
1997 The Best of Captain Sensible: Sensible Lifestyles Captain Sensible Composer
1997 History of Punk Composer
1997 God Save the Queen: 1976-1996/20 Years of Punk Composer
1997 Agitprop: The Politics of Punk Composer
1996 Undead: A Gothic Masterpiece, Vol. 3 Composer
1996 Punk: Lost & Found Composer
1996 Punk & Nasty [Cleopatra] Composer
1996 Politics of Punk, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Give It Some Punk Composer
1996 Fiendish Shadows The Damned Composer
1996 Anarchy From the UK, Vol. 1 Composer
1995 Live at the Milky Way Captain Sensible Composer
1995 Good Clean Fun: Chiswick Sampler Composer
1995 Friends & Relations: The Rarities Hawkwind Composer
1995 Batman Forever [Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture] Composer
1994 Sessions of the Damned The Damned Vocals, Bass, Composer
1994 Kamikaze Composer
1994 Hardest Hits, Vol. 5 Composer
1993 Tales from the Damned The Damned Composer
1993 School Bullies The Damned Bass, Composer
1993 Hammer Horror Warfare Guitar
1992 The Chiswick Story Bass, Composer
1992 Learning English: Lesson One Die Toten Hosen Composer, Lyricist
1992 Collection The Damned Composer
1992 Ballroom Blitz The Damned Composer
1991 The Indie Scene 1979: The Story of British Independent Music Composer
1991 Live The Damned Composer
1990 Better Off Dead Sodom Composer
1989 Final Damnation The Damned Composer
1989 Agent Orange Sodom Composer
1987 The Light at the End of the Tunnel The Damned Composer
1987 Tank Tank Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Instrument, Bass, Composer
1987 Mindless, Directionless, Energy: Live at the Lyceum The Damned Composer
1986 Rrröööaaarrr Voivod Composer
1985 The Day of Wrath Bulldozer Producer
1984 Honour & Blood Tank Vocals, Bass, Composer
1984 Burning Ambitions: A History of Punk, Vol. 1 Composer
1983 This Means War Tank Vocals, Bass, Composer
1983 Live at Newcastle The Damned Composer
1983 Echoes of a Distant Battle Tank Composer
1982 Power of the Hunter Tank Vocals, Bass, Group Member, Composer
1982 Live at Shepperton 1980 The Damned Composer
1982 Filth Hounds of Hades Tank Vocals, Brass, Bass Instrument, Bass, Group Member, Composer
1981 The Best of the Damned [Ace Records] The Damned Composer
1979 Machine Gun Etiquette The Damned Bass, Composer
War Machine Live Tank Composer, Lyricist
The Pretty and the Vacant: Sex Pistols/Damned Tribute Composer
The Last Compilation Composer
Sturmpanzer Tank Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals (Background), Instrumentation, Cover Art, Composer, Harmony
Extreme Metal 101, Vol. 4 Composer, Lyricist
Eleventh Hour Gary Barden Composer
Demolition Derby! Composer
Chiswick Singles The Damned Composer
Captain Sensible Captain Sensible Composer
Breath of the Pit Tank Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Vocals, Artwork, Instrumentation, Composer
75 Jaar Sneekweek Composer, Lyricist

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