Alfredo Catalani

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Short-lived Italian composer Catalani sought a fusion of Wagnerian opera with the Italian variety of opera associated with Verdi.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
La Wally, opera (dramma musicale) in 4 acts 1892 Opera
Loreley, opera (azione romantica) in 3 acts 1888 Opera
A sera, in Paganini, for piano (also arr. for string quartet) 1888 Keyboard
Contemplazione, for orchestra in B flat major (also arr. for piano) 1878 Orchestral
La falce, opera in 1 act 1875 Opera
Scherzo for orchestra in A major (also arr. for piano) 1878 Orchestral
Senza baci, melody for voice & piano 1884 Vocal Music
Ero e Leandro, symphonic poem for orchestra 1884 Orchestral
L'odalisque, oriental canzone for voice & piano in G sharp minor 1876 Vocal Music
Chanson groƫlandaise, song for voice & piano in E minor 1876 Vocal Music
Il m'aimait tant, romance for voice & piano 1879 Vocal Music
Le gondolier, song for voice & piano 1880 Vocal Music
Sotto le tue finestra (Serenatella), for piano in D major (also arr. for string quartet) (from "Impressioni") 1887 Keyboard
Dejanice, opera (dramma lirico) in 4 acts Opera
Sognai, song for voice & piano 1877 Vocal Music
Il sogno, melody for piano in A flat major (also arr. for violin & piano) (from "Impressioni") 1882 Keyboard
Edmea, opera in 3 acts Opera
Variazioni su "Nel cor piĆ¹ non mi sento" di G. Paisiello, for voice & continuo Vocal Music
String Quartet in A minor 1873 Chamber Music
Eleganza, capriccio-mazurka for piano 1870 Keyboard
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