Alexander Nemtin

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Alexander Nemtin was a Russian composer who devoted his last years to reconstructing the sketches of Scriabin's Mysterium.
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Alexander Nemtin was a Russian composer, best known for his efforts to complete the unfinished Mysterium of Alexander Scriabin. Nemtin's musical gifts were recognized in his childhood, and by 1944 he joined a piano class, and tried his hand at composition. In the mid-1950s, Nemtin began a career as a conductor of amateur groups, and by 1961 he began working with the ANS Synthesizer (the initials stood for Alexander Nikolaevich Scriabin). Nemtin became a member of the Composers' Union in 1965. In 1970, he started work on a reconstruction of Scriabin's Prefatory Act - Preparation for the Final Mystery, an early version of which appeared on LP as Universe, conducted by Kirill Kondrashin. Nemtin completed his work in 1998, but died early in 1999. Preparation for the Final Mystery was recorded for Decca by Vladimir Ashkenazy.