Alexander L'vovich Gurilyov

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Music education came from his father, Field and Genishta. Before liberation he played for the serf orchestra of Count Vladimir Orlov and at the house of Prince Golitsin. When he arrived in Moscow many…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Odnozvuchno gremit kolokol'chik (The Lonely Coach Bell Rings) 03:16 Vocal Music
A little bird flew away (Uletela ptashechka) 01:45 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Don't Awake Her at Dawn, variations for piano 04:32 Keyboard
The Swallow Circles, for voice & piano 03:14 Vocal Music
Vam ne poniat' (You Cannot Understand) 04:06 Vocal Music
My Dear Mother 03:04 Vocal Music
Girl's Melancholy 03:03
In the Dawn of Youth, for voice & piano 03:15 Vocal Music
Variations on the terzetto from the opera "A Life for the Tsar", for piano 1858 04:44 Keyboard
The Maiden's Grief, for voice & piano 02:26 Vocal Music
Ah, Why are You Sitting So Sadly, My Friend? 10:28 Miscellaneous (Classical)
What has happened to the girl 10:50 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Song of the Coachman for voice & piano 02:34 Vocal Music
Really, I'll Tell My Mummy, for voice & piano 02:14 Vocal Music
I Told You When We Parted, for voice & piano 02:01 Vocal Music
Parting, for voice & piano 03:00 Vocal Music
The Little Bell, for voice & piano 03:27 Vocal Music
A Toy Heart, for voice & piano 01:41 Vocal Music
Avert Your Eyes, Don't Look, for voice & piano 02:43 Vocal Music
I skuchno, i grustno (I Am Weary and Sad), song 03:06 Vocal Music
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