Alexander Ivanovich Dubuque

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This Moscovite composer and pianist was a student of Field and a teacher of Balakirev and Zverev; the latter in turn taught Rakhmaninov, Skryabin and Ziloti. Both Balakirev and Tchaikovsky dedictaed piano…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Do Not Repeat Those Words Vocal Music
Do Kiss Me, My Darling Vocal Music
Do not chide me, dearest mother (Ne brani menia, rodnaia), song Vocal Music
Adieu! Forget our past misfortune (Prosti! Ne pomni dnei padenya), song Vocal Music
When my eyes fall on you (Yesli vstrechus s toboi), song Vocal Music
The two farewells (Dva proshchaniya), song Vocal Music
Serenade (Serenada), song Vocal Music
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