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Year Album Artist
2021 Space-Time The Jeff Lorber Fusion Photography
2018 Until Death Do We Meet Again Dream Child Photography
2018 Songs From the Swing House Lao Tizer Photography
2018 Impact The Jeff Lorber Fusion Photography
2018 God Damn Evil Stryper Photography
2017 Unified Sweet & Lynch Photography
2017 Prototype The Jeff Lorber Fusion Photography
2017 Innocence and Wrath Celtic Frost Photography, Band Photo
2017 Change the World Stan Bush Photography
2016 West of Flushing South of Frisco Supersonic Blues Machine Photography, Photo Manipulation
2015 We Don't Need No Bass Andrew Gouché Photography
2015 The Oblivion Particle Spock's Beard Band Photo
2015 The First Twenty Years Spock's Beard Band Photo
2015 Only to Rise Sweet & Lynch Photography
2015 Fallen Stryper Photography
2014 Drum Wars Live! Carmine Appice / Vinny Appice Cover Photo
2014 A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio: This Is Your Life Photography, Band Photo
2013 Ride the Void Holy Grail Band Photo
2013 Great American Songs: Through The Years The Jeff Hamilton Trio Photography
2013 Dead Human Collection: 25 Years of Death Metal Cannibal Corpse Photography
2013 Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep Spock's Beard Photography
2012 Kill Devil Hill Kill Devil Hill Photography
2012 Bullet Renegade Creation Photography
2011 Unusual Suspects Leslie West Photography
2011 Tony MacAlpine Tony MacAlpine Photography
2011 The Aristocrats The Aristocrats Photography
2011 Super Hits Live Christopher Cross Photography
2011 King Kobra King Kobra Photography
2011 Kill All Control George Lynch Photography
2011 Dominion Benedictum Photography
2010 Streets of Rock & Roll Keel Photography
2010 Rising from the Grave Helstar Photography
2010 Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987 Dio Photography
2009 Waking into Nightmares Warbringer Photography
2009 Son de Mi Tierra Son de Madera Photography, Cover Photo
2009 Now Is the Hour Places of Power Photography
2009 Loss of Desire Drive A Engineer
2009 Evisceration Plague Cannibal Corpse Photography
2009 As Shadows Burn Echoes of Eternity Photography
2008 We Wish You a Metal Xmas and a Headbanging New Year Photography
2008 War Without End Warbringer Photography
2008 Let the Truth Be Known George Lynch Photography
2007 Violent Acts of Beauty London After Midnight Photography
2007 This Time Around Glenn Hughes Photography
2007 The Lost Tracks of Danzig Danzig Photography
2007 The Blackening Machine Head Photography
2007 Stagnant Progression New Eden Photography
2007 Slavior Slavior Photography
2007 Seeking the Way: The Greatest Hits Shadows Fall Photography
2007 Quantum Planet X Photography
2007 Metal Blade Records: 25th Anniversary Live Photography
2007 Los Angeles Los Angeles Photography
2007 Kill the Headlights Adema Photography
2007 Indigo Dying Indigo Dying Photography
2007 In This Life Stan Bush Photography
2007 Hemispheres Phil Turcio Photography
2007 Gorgeous Frankenstein Gorgeous Frankenstein Photography
2007 Find Your Own Way Home REO Speedwagon Photography
2007 Diversify Lao Tizer Photography
2007 Clinophobia Devil's Slingshot Cover Photo
2007 Black Cat Bone Lee Rocker Photography
2007 Appointment with Death Lizzy Borden Photography
2006 The Parallel Otherworld Eidolon Photography
2006 Spock's Beard Spock's Beard Photography
2006 Reach Survivor Photography, Band Photo
2006 Racin' the Devil Lee Rocker Photography
2006 Perspectives Mitchel Forman Cover Photo
2006 Outside Looking In Bruce Turgon Photography
2006 Music for the Divine Glenn Hughes Photography, Cover Photo, Tray Photo
2006 Metalmorphosis Killing Machine Photography
2006 Kill Cannibal Corpse Photography
2006 Karma. Bloody. Karma Cattle Decapitation Photography
2006 Genesis Steel Prophet Photography
2006 Essential Ballads Jeff Scott Soto Photography
2006 Continuum Prototype Photography
2006 Breakfast Club: Paris Photography
2006 Breakfast Club: Milan Photography
2006 Breakfast Club: London Photography
2005 Still Life/Chasing Time Fates Warning Photography, Cover Photo
2005 Soul Mover Glenn Hughes Photography
2005 Planets Adema Photography
2005 Octane Spock's Beard Photography
2005 Long Way Home Outland Photography
2005 Live at Cabo Wabo 96 Alice Cooper Photography
2005 In the Cut Phillip Bardowell Photography
2005 If the Sea Replied Tim Garland Photography
2005 Generations Journey Photography
2005 Evil or Divine: Live in New York City Dio Photography
2005 Do You Miss Me Robin Beck Photography
2004 Wars of Gods and Men Warrior Photography
2004 The Wretched Spawn/Worm Infested Cannibal Corpse Photography
2004 The Wretched Spawn Cannibal Corpse Photography
2004 Soulfully Live in the City of Angels Glenn Hughes Photography
2004 Saurian Meditation Karl Sanders Photography
2004 Piano Reductions, Vol. 1 Mike Keneally Photography
2004 Perfect World Perfect World Photography
2004 Over the Edge Mickey Thomas Photography
2004 One Team One Spirit Gotthard Photography
2004 Metal for Life PainmuseuM Photography
2004 Master of the Moon Dio Band Photo
2004 Lost in the Translation Jeff Scott Soto Photography
2004 Jack Blades Jack Blades Photography
2004 If It Ain't Broke, Break It! Starwood Photography
2004 Hollywood Rocks! Photography
2004 Genius - Episode 2: In Search of the Little Prince Genius / Daniele Liverani Photography
2004 From the Inside From the Inside Photography
2004 Engine/Superholic Engine Photography, Cover Art
2004 Destroy All Monsters Eric Martin Photography
2004 Deadly Lullabyes: Live King Diamond Photography
2004 Conspiracy/Them King Diamond Photography
2004 Claire Moss Claire Moss Photography
2004 Burnin' Love (The Best of Lee Rocker) Lee Rocker Photography
2004 Apostles of Defiance Eidolon Photography
2003 When God Turned Away WWIII Photography
2003 Through the Ashes of Empires Machine Head Photography
2003 The Puppet Master King Diamond Photography
2003 The Best of King Diamond King Diamond Photography, Cover Photo
2003 Street Child Elan Photography
2003 REvolution Lynch Mob Photography
2003 Order of the Illuminati Agent Steel Photography
2003 Nothing to Remember 40 Grit Photography
2003 Living in the Light Josh Ramos Photography
2003 Level LEVEL Photography
2003 Heretic Morbid Angel Photography
2003 Feel Euphoria Spock's Beard Photography
2003 Evil or Divine [DVD] Dio Photography
2003 Bulletproof Lee Rocker Photography
2003 Anatomy Is Destiny Exhumed Photography
2003 A Twist of Fate [EP] John Arch Photography
2002 Trinity Prototype Photography
2002 Superholic Engine Photography
2002 One More for Rock and Roll Jetboy Photography
2002 Liquifury Hurricane Photography
2002 Abigail II: The Revenge King Diamond Photography
2002 100% Live Prong Photography
2001 Transition Destiny's End Photography
2001 Torture Test Diesel Machine Photography, Cover Art
2001 The Zone Dave Weckl / Dave Weckl Band Photography
2001 The Wish Legs Diamond Photography
2001 Ring of Fire Mark Boals Mixing, Photography
2001 Postcards From Hell American Heartbreak Photography, Cover Photo
2001 Oracle Ring of Fire Photography
2001 Nod to the Old School Armored Saint Photography, Cover Art
2001 Evermoving Onward Photography
2001 Book of the Dead Steel Prophet Photography
2000 Transition Dave Weckl Band Photography
2000 Revelation Armored Saint Photography
2000 Of One Blood Shadows Fall Photography
2000 Nightmare World Eidolon Photography
2000 Live Around the World: Where We Come from Tour 1998-1999 Vital Information Photography
2000 House of God King Diamond Photography
2000 Gateways to Annihilation Morbid Angel Photography
2000 Declaration of a Headhunter Stuck Mojo Photography
2000 3 for 1 Kyuss Photography
1999 This Is Fiction Fiction Photography
1999 Solidify Grip Inc. Photography
1999 Shimmer Belle Academe Photography
1999 New Kings Nova Rex Photography
1999 Make Some More Noise Jetboy Photography
1999 Jazz Meets Symphony Collection Lalo Schifrin Photography
1999 Holy Dio: Tribute To Ronnie James Dio Photography
1999 Everywhere I Go Dave Robyn Photography
1999 Engine Engine Photography, Cover Art
1999 Dark Hallucinations Steel Prophet Photography
1999 Bajo el Azul de Tu Misterio Jaguares Photography
1999 6:66 Satan's Child Danzig Photography
1998 The Money & The Grass Matt Powell Photography
1998 Still Life Fates Warning Photography, Cover Photo
1998 Metamorphosis: Jazz Meets the Symphony, #4 Lalo Schifrin Photography
1998 Greatest Hits Krunk Photography
1998 Gol de Mujer Divididos Photography
1998 Breathe Deep the Dark Destiny's End Photography
1998 At the End of the Day Galactic Cowboys Photography
1998 Ancient Future Warrior Photography
1997 The Silence Is Broken Nelson Photography
1997 The Michael Schenker Story Live Michael Schenker Photography
1997 Still Ignorant (1987-1997) Live Sacred Reich Photography
1997 Nemesis Grip Inc. Photography
1997 Friends & Family Suicidal Tendencies Photography
1997 Fence Insulated Photography
1997 A Fistful of Alice Alice Cooper Photography
1996 The Roots of Sepultura Sepultura Photography
1996 Sprockett P.O.L. Photography
1996 Righteous Takeover Colorunconscious Photography
1996 Heavy Metal Soul By the Pound 24-7 Spyz Photography
1996 Heal Sacred Reich Photography
1996 6 24-7 Spyz Photography
1995 Power of Inner Strength/Nemesis Grip Inc. Photography
1995 Cause for Conflict Kreator Photography
1994 Welcome to Sky Valley Kyuss Photography
1994 Downset Downset Photography
1994 Dial Hard Gotthard Cover Photo
1992 Dangerous Meeting King Diamond Photography
1992 Absolutely Live Riverdogs Photography
1991 Decade of Aggression: Live Slayer Photography
1991 Arise Sepultura Photography
1990 Yesterday & Today Live Y&T Photography
1990 Violent by Nature Atrophy Photography
1990 The Eye King Diamond Producer, Photography, Guitar, Group Member
1990 The American Way Sacred Reich Photography
1989 Perfect Symmetry Fates Warning Photography
1989 Penetration Point [Rotten] Nasty Savage Photography
1989 Conspiracy King Diamond Photography, Band Photo
1989 Annihilation of Civilization Evildead Photography
1988 The Decline Of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years Photography
1988 Surf Nicaragua Sacred Reich Photography
1988 Socialized Hate Atrophy Photography
1988 Punishment for Decadence Coroner Photography
1988 Distant Thunder Helstar Photography
1987 R.I.P. Coroner Photography, Illustrations
1987 Into the Pandemonium Celtic Frost Band Photo
1985 The Right to Rock Keel Photography
1976 Bomber Ken Baumgartner Photography
Wilford Brimley with the Jeff Hamilton Trio Wilford Brimley / The Jeff Hamilton Trio Cover Photo
Weapons of Tomorrow Warbringer Band Photo
Venom Impellitteri Photography
United States of Anarchy Evildead Photography
Twenty-First Century Death Mechanism Photography
The Prelude Media Solution Photography
Terror From Beyond Space Killing Spree Photography
Tell the Truth Lance Lopez Photography
Revelation Wraith Photography
Naught Stolen Babies Photography
My Many Sides Josh Ramos Photography
Merry & Bright The Jeff Hamilton Trio Cover Photo
Kill the King WAMI / White Appice Mendoza Iggy Photography
In This Life Virgil Donati Photography
Hotwire Jeff Richman Inside Photo
Fire From the Evening Sun Philm Band Photo
Downbeat Tizer Band Photo
Concrete Gardens Tony MacAlpine Photography
Can't Go Home Unruly Child Photography
Born to Fly Jetboy Photography
Blister, Burn, Blacken & Peel Jupiter Ignition Photography
2020 Vandenberg Photography