Alex Saltz


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Year Album Artist
2016 450 Years of Classical Guitar George Simonovich Mastering
2016 Goodnight, Spacegirl The Fawns Mastering
2016 On My Own Beady Belle Mastering
2016 Thunderbear Thunderbear Mastering
2015 Born in the Country Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2015 Scenes Cows and Thunder Mastering
2014 Billionaires Squirrel TV Mastering
2014 Cows and Thunder Cows and Thunder Mastering
2014 Day of Days Juniper Rising Mastering
2014 Out the Way I Came In George Simonovich Mastering
2014 Sessions Cows and Thunder Mastering
2014 The Devil's Arms The Purslaines Mastering
2014 The Last One Out of This Town Rich Ferri Mastering
2014 The North King Mikey Sweet Mastering
2014 Totem Workers Mastering
2014 We Know Someone Useless Beauty Mastering
2013 Dirty River Dirty River Mastering
2013 Nightsongs: A Late Night Interlude Janis Siegel Mastering
2013 Rainbow Lindsay Dunphy Mastering
2013 Solar Flares Five Seconds To Freedom Mastering
2013 Station North Baggypantsrich Mastering
2013 Twenty One Rooms Nghbrs Mastering
2013 X Richard X. Heyman Mastering
2012 A Haven in the Valley Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2012 Dead Channels Teenage Mysticism Mastering
2012 Shakin' Our Souls The Doughboys Mastering
2012 The Conquest Night Viking Moses Mastering
2012 The Phoenix Renminbi Mastering
2012 Wunjo Oberon Rose Mastering
2011 Analog Williamsboy Mastering
2011 Bad Happy Bubblegum Octopus Mastering
2011 Big Money House of Lords Mastering
2011 Dark Ocean Colors Dark Ocean Colors Mastering
2011 Ensoulment Wyld Olde Souls Mastering
2011 Eudaimonia Golden Ghost Mastering
2011 First Time, Long Time Joanne Schornikow Mastering
2011 Gently Down the Stream George Simonovich Mastering
2011 Strip The Lanterns Alec Gross Mastering
2011 The Relatives The Relatives Mastering
2011 Tiers and Other Stories Richard X. Heyman Mastering
2010 A Headful of Stars The Sails Mastering
2010 Closing Circles The Gurus Mastering
2010 Coast Garde The Parties Mastering
2010 God of Malfunction The Contrast Mastering
2010 Green Fields and Rain The June Mastering
2010 Green Mountain Dreamin' Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2010 Lonely Life EP Scott Rudd Mastering
2010 Out at Sea Magnetic Island Mastering
2010 Revelation Skirts The Capstan Shafts Mastering
2010 Soundscapes of the Jersey Pinelands and Shoreline Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2010 Strange Change Machine The Grip Weeds Mastering
2010 The Glories of Chistmas Past The Ghosts of Christmas Past Mastering
2010 They Were Like Brothers Very Very Drums, Percussion, Mastering, Group Member
2009 As Our Realities Become Dreams George Simonovich Mastering
2009 Born on Flag Day Deer Tick Mastering
2009 Dan Patch Dan Patch Mastering
2009 In the Morning The Shivers Mastering, Drums
2009 Rough on All the Edges Sonia Bladez Mastering
2009 Surface Renminbi Mastering
2009 The Album Formerly Known As 8-Legged Dance Moves Bubblegum Octopus Mastering
2009 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 8 Mastering
2009 To Vermont with Love Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2009 When the 4 Winds Blow Mark Jonathan Schiffert Mastering
2008 Barbarella Girl God The Chevelles Mastering
2008 Beaks to the Moon The Shivers Mastering
2008 Cameron Hull Cameron Hull Mastering
2008 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 4 Mastering
2008 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 7 Mastering
2008 Creepin Link Mastering
2008 Faith Crown of Thorns Mastering
2008 Halloween a Go-Go Mastering
2008 Infinite Soul: The Best of the Grip Weeds The Grip Weeds Mastering
2008 Lost Revolution Lost Revolution Mastering
2008 Music for Loons Cameron Hull Mastering
2008 Perfect Disguise The Contrast Mastering
2008 Polyamorous Cosmos Sunshine Band Mastering
2008 Saturday's Hero Chris Alleyne Mastering, Drums
2008 Somewhere In Blue Deena Mastering
2008 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 5 Mastering
2008 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 6 Mastering
2008 Wide Awake in the Spirit World: The Best of Outrageous Cherry Outrageous Cherry Mastering
2007 Autumn Megan Jean & The Klay Family Band Mastering
2007 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 1 Mastering
2007 Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 2 Mastering
2007 Rainy Days Revisited The Remnants Mastering
2007 The Coolest Songs in the World, Vol. 3 Mastering
2007 Thrills Without Gills Dan Giberman Mastering
2007 Vampire Weekend Vampire Weekend Mastering
2007 War Elephant Deer Tick Mastering
2006 AM-PM Heterogene Mastering
2006 FN-Co. FN-Co. Mastering
2006 Hummingbird Karwin Patrix Mastering
2006 Phone Calls The Shivers Drums, Percussion, Mastering
2006 That Was Then, This Is Now Mary Koth Lutton Mastering
2006 The Midwest Fables Todd Bogin Mastering
2006 Wood Flesh & Steel Pat Karwan Mastering
2005 Did I Say That Out Loud? Almighty Love Noise Mastering
2005 Embracing Chaos Chuck Thurau Mastering
2005 Red Matt Otto Mastering
2005 Rocketlove34 Dexter Myers Mastering
2004 A Message to My Audience Maxi Geil! & Playcolt Mastering
2004 As You Lie on the Floor Bionic Twitch Guest Artist, Drums, Mastering
2004 Bone Dog Spider Nick & the Maddogs Mastering
2004 Charades The Shivers Mastering
2004 The Good Stuff Billy Boy Mastering
2004 The Renaissance LP Fred Niznik Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2003 Clean Heth Mastering
2003 Joy Pollution Swept To See Mastering
2003 No Code No Code Mastering
2003 Raag Jog: A Late Night Raag Roger Lipson Mastering
2003 Soul Stories Dexter Myers Mastering
2003 Vol. 2...Don't Knock the Swing Willie Jones III Mastering
2002 Polestar Polestar Mastering
2002 Secret Knocks Speakeasy Mastering
2002 Wish You Were Here: Love Songs for New York Mastering
2001 Thugs Holyday Python Mastering
2001 Vol. 1...Straight Swingin' Willie Jones III Mastering
2000 Cold Beer Hot Food Ynot Mastering, Drums
2000 Flow The Karwin Patrix Band / Karwin Patrix Mastering
2000 In Between Blue Heterogene Digital Editing
2000 Rec Room Anthems Very Very Producer, Drums, Percussion, Mastering, Group Member, Vocals (Background)
2000 Sky City: Lift Me Up Jamie Myerson Mastering
1998 Maux Faux Maux Faux Drums, Mastering
1997 Bayonne The Alexander Saltz Trio Drums
1996 Vazgen Muradian Armenian Philharmonic Orchestra / Loris Tjeknavorian Mastering
1996 Very Very Very Very Drums, Bongos, Guiro
1996 When in Manhattan Very Very Drums, Mastering, Cover Art, Group Member
Future 86 Turkuaz Mastering
Paths to the Foss Tissø Lake Mastering
Progressive Bedroom Eamon Fogarty Mastering
Singing to the Wall Jake Manzi Mastering
Things That Endure Cicero and the Orations Mastering