Alex DeTurk


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Year Album Artist
2018 Igbó Alákọrin (The Singer’s Grove) Vol. I & II David Virelles Mastering
2017 Jersey Mark Guiliana Mastering
2017 My Kinda Music Walter Martin Mastering
2016 55 The Knocks Mastering
2016 Arts & Leisure Walter Martin Mastering, Mixing
2016 Is the Is Are DIIV Mastering
2016 Love Yes TEEN Mastering
2016 Over There That Way Heliotropes Mastering
2016 Popular Cycles Busman's Holiday Mastering
2016 Red Sky Moon Hooch Mastering
2015 Before Ever After Blind Idiot God Mastering
2015 Negative Feedback Resistor Destruction Unit Mastering
2014 A Long Goodbye Busman's Holiday Mastering
2014 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow The Lovers Key Mastering
2014 If You Don't Like It, You Can Leave Julian Velard Mastering
2014 Improvisations for Theremin and Piano Carolina Eyck / Christopher Tarnow Mastering
2014 The Way and Color TEEN Mastering
2014 Tomorrow's Hits The Men Mastering
2013 Healing Weird Owl Mastering
2013 Vow Naam Mastering
2012 Atlanta Ron Pope Mastering
2012 Our Nature Savoir Adore Mastering
2001 America Needs More Ass Reagan's Polyp Remastering
1998 Deadenator Reagan's Polyp Remastering
1994 Facefuckingbatspermantidotepudding Reagan's Polyp Remastering
Beneath the Moon Camille Harris Mastering
Crime Spree The Zag Men Mastering
I Try to Remember Where I Come From Jonah Parzen-Johnson Mastering
In the Name of Love Valentina Marino Mastering
It Gets Worse Bitterfruit Mastering
Layers of the City Ben Allison Digital Remastering, Cut
Lulls Blurry Mastering
New Weather New Weather Vinyl Disks
Number Ones Reagan's Polyp Remastering
Patchwork Dheepa Chari Mastering
Permission to Sin Ten Ton Man Mastering
Prospect of the Deep, Vol. 1 Azonic Digital Mastering, Mastering
Remember When Things Were Better Tomorrow Jonah Parzen-Johnson Mastering
Saturday Songs Chris Cheek Mastering
Silly Jazz Camille Harris Mastering
This Is Astoria Boulevard This Is Astoria Boulevard Mastering
Tribute To Bobby Steve Hobbs / Steve Hobbs Octet Mastering, Track Selection
Undertow Reissue Blind Idiot God Digital Remastering, Vinyl Disks
We Dance at Midnight Leon Neal Mastering