Alex Croft


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Year Album Artist
2011 Aotearoa: Land of the Long White Cloud Kahurangi Maori Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 Buskers' Ballroom She'koyokh Klezmer Ensemble Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 Egypt Unveiled Hossam Ramzy / Phil Thornton Cover Design
2011 Modern Bellydance from Lebanon: Nayla Emad Sayyah Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 Rock the Tabla Hossam Ramzy Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 Tango Argentino: Madame Ivonne Trio Pantango Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 The Art of the Portuguese Fado Guitar Custódio Castelo Cover Design
2011 The Devil's Brides: Klezmer & Yiddish Songs Hot Pstromi / Yale Strom Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 The Most Beautiful Songs of Africa, Vol. 2 Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2011 The Very Best of Japanese Music Hideaki Hashimoto / Michio Miyagi / Katsutoshi Nagasawa / Yamato Ensemble Cover Design
2011 Traditional Songs from Venezuela De Norte a Sur Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2010 Afghan Music Ustad Hossein Arman / Zohreh Jooya Cover Design
2010 African Drums & Voices Tinyela Cover Design
2010 Best of Indian Santur Tarun Bhattacharya Cover Design
2010 Celtic Christmas Songs Golden Bough Cover Design
2010 Didgeridoo Dimensions David Corter Cover Design
2010 Finnish Tango, Vol. 2 Tango Orkestreri Unto / Tango-Orkestri Unto Cover Design
2010 Goddess: Indian Music in Celebration of Goddesses Around the World Baluji Shrivastav Cover Design
2010 Master Drummers of Africa, Vol. 2: Ubuntu Cover Design
2010 Modern Bellydance from Lebanon Samira Amira / Emad Sayyah Cover Design
2010 Pan-African Music Batanai / Zvirevo Cover Design
2010 The Didgeridoo Of The Australian Aborigines Cover Design
2010 The Pulse of Persia Ramin Rahimi Cover Design
2010 Traditional Music From Macedonia Strune Cover Design
2010 Tropical Gangster: Salsa from Venezuela Victor Hugo Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
2010 Turkey: Traditional Music Anadolu University Folkdance Ensemble Cover Design
2007 Sings Yiddish Songs Hilda Bronstein Cover Design
2004 Rey Crespo y Su salsa Conga Loca Rey Crespo/Su / Rey Crespo / Pedro Lombillo / Vazquez Cover Design
2003 Sufi Songs From India & Pakistan Shafqat Ali Khan Cover Design
2002 Jewish Soul: A World of Passion, Yearning and Joy... Mike Tabor Cover Design
2002 Music From Iraq: Rhythms of Baghdad Sattar Al-Saadi / Ahmed Mukhtar Cover Design
2001 Caribbean Steeldrums: Popular Beatles Songs Ebony Steelband Cover Design
2001 Concerto for 20 Sitars Rash Behari Datta Cover Design
2001 Gypsies Of The Nile: Raheel-Travelling Gypsies of the Nile / Hossam Ramzy / Shebl A. Sweady & Ensemble Cover Design
2001 Gypsies of Romania Taraful Din Baia Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
1999 Indian World Music Fusion: Seven Steps to the Sun Re-Orient / Baluji Shrivastav Cover Design
1999 Songs & Dances from Slovakia Urpin Folklore Ensemble Cover Design
1999 The 20 Best of Classical Tango Hugo Diaz / Hugo Diaz Trio / Trio Hugo Dìaz Cover Design
1997 The Best of Latin America Cover Design
1994 The Best of Latin America, Vol. 2 Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
20 Best Irish Pub Songs Noel McLoughlin Cover Design
African Homeland: Voices and Rhythms from Zimbabwe and Southern Africa Iyasa Cover Design
Azerbaijan: Traditional Music Lok-Batan Folklore Group Cover Design
Beautiful Songs Of Chile Conjunto Folclorico Danzamerica de Chile Cover Design
Bellydance from Lebanon: Habibi Hayati Emad Sayyah Cover Design
Best of Flamenco Rafa El Tachuela Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Best of Om Kolthoum and Mohammed Abdul Wahab Hossam Ramzy Cover Design
Bollywood Party: Bhangra & More Cover Design
Canto General: Music of Greece The Athenians Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Celtic Harp Magic: Harpers Hall Collection: The Gift Cover Design
Cirkari: Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe Zíngaros Cover Design
Cuba: Live Music from Havana Grupo Cimarrón de Cuba Cover Design
Dreamtime Mark Atkins Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Eagle Dance: Ceremonial Music of American Indians Cover Design
Egyptian Bellydance: Afrah Baladi Mostafa Sax Cover Design
Fado De Lisboa Francisco Fialho / Mathilde Larguinho Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Famous Tangos Buenos Aires Tango Trio Cover Design
Flamenco Latino Chanela Cover Design
From Cairo to Sao Paulo: Bellydance Greats from Hossam Ramzy Hossam Ramzy Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
From Helmand to Horse Guards Pipes & Drums of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards / Rusby / Kate Rusby / Isla St. Clair Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band Cover Design
Gypsies from Hungary Kanizsa Csillagai Cover Design
India Classical Music: Sounds of the Veena Mustafa Raza Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Irish Uilleann Pipes: Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs & Reels Jean-Yves Le Pape Cover Design
Jamaica Farewell: Best Of Caribbean Steeldrums Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra Cover Design
Latin Rhythms: Cumbia, Merengue, Bossa Nova & More Miguel Castro Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Masters of Indian Classical Music, Vol. 2 Hariprasad Chaurasia / Zakir Hussain / Ravi Shankar Cover Design
Mexico: 20 Best Mariachi & Folk Songs De Norte a Sur / Trio Azteca Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Morocco: Traditional Songs And Music Nour Eddine Cover Design
Old Mother Russia: Songs Of The Taiga Balalaika-Ensemble Wolga Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Paraguay: Traditional Songs and Dances Elenco Koeti Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Poland: Traditional Songs and Dances Song & Dance Ensemble of the Warsaw University Of Technology Cover Design
Rio Carnival Cover Design
Russian Gypsy Soul: Fiery Gypsy Music At Its Best Talisman Cover Design
Sacred Beats of the Tabla Sanju Sahai Cover Design
Samba! Samba! Cover Design
Scotland the Brave: Pipes & Drums Dan Air Scottish Pipe Band Cover Design
Serbia: Traditional Music Sveti Sava Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Spain: Songs & Dances Cover Design
Spirit of Athens: Greek Songs by Michalis Terzis Michalis Terzis / Xenos Cover Design
Tango Argentino: Zum Play Astor Piazzola ZUM Cover Design
Tango Siempre Astor Piazzolla / Tango Siempre Cover Design
The Queen of Fado Amália Rodrigues Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
The Stomp (Scottish Pipes and Drums Untamed) Saor Patrol Cover Design
The Best of Mexico De Norte a Sur / Trio Azteca / Trio Azteca de Norte A Sur Cover Design
The Most Beautiful Religious Songs of Russia Moscow Madrigal Ensemble Cover Design
The Most Beautiful Songs of Russia Vitaly Romanov Cover Design
The Very Best of Africa Cover Design
Tibet: Music of the Sacred Temples Deben Bhattacharya Cover Design
Traditional Greek Music: Monahi Zoume Marcians Cover Design
Traditional Music & Songs From Greece Estia Pieridon Mousson Cover Design
Traditional Zulu Music - Songs Of King Shaka Amagugu Akwazulu / Abalendeli Bengoma Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout
Yiddish, Klezmer and Sephardic Music The Burning Bush Cover Design, Typesetting, Layout