Alessandro Stradella

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Italian Baroque composer Stradella is considered one of the most versatile and influential musical figures of the mid-17th century.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Pietà, signore (Agnus Dei), aria di chiesa (spurious, by Niedermeyer or Fétis) 1840 06:25 Vocal Music
Sinfonia 22 for violin, violone/cello & continuo in D minor, McC 22 07:53 Orchestral
Sonata for violin & continuo in D major, 7. 1-2 (McC 2) 06:45 Chamber Music
Chare Jesu suavissime 14:16 Vocal Music
Cantata per il Santissimo Natale (Christmas Cantata) 28:10 Miscellaneous (Classical)
O vos omnes qui transitis 09:10 Vocal Music
Benedictus Dominus Deus 14:55 Vocal Music
Sonata for trumpet, 8 viols & continuo in D major 07:38 Chamber Music
Lamentatione per il Mercodi Santo 09:46 Chamber Music
Il Barcheggio, for 3 voices, trumpet, 2 violins & continuo 09:19 Vocal Music
Toccata for keyboard in A 04:08 Keyboard
Sinfonia 17 07:37 Chamber Music
Non havea il sole ancora, for voice & continuo 07:57 Vocal Music
Sei miei sospiri (All my sufferings) 07:35 Vocal Music
Sonata for violin, cello & lute in D minor, 7. 2-1 08:04 Chamber Music
Sonata for violin & continuo in E minor, 7.1-5 06:18 Chamber Music
Crocifissione e morte di nostro signore Gesu Cristo 13:02 Chamber Music
Sonata for violin & continuo in F major, 7. 1-7 07:42 Chamber Music
Sonata for violin & continuo in A minor, 7.1-11 15:43 Chamber Music
Cantata "Ferma, ferma il corso", for voice & continuo 11:23 Vocal Music
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