Albert W. Ketèlbey

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It is possible, if perhaps not likely, that when British composer and conductor Albert William Ketèlbey died in 1959 at the age of 84 he had somehow heard some of then-young Henry Mancini's suave music.…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
In a Persian Market, intermezzo-scene for chorus & orchestra 1920 Choral Orchestral
In a Monastery Garden for chorus & orchestra 1915 Choral Orchestral
Bells Across the Meadows, characteristic intermezzo 1921 Orchestral
Sanctuary of the Heart, Meditation religieuse 1924 Orchestral
In a Chinese Temple Garden, Oriental Phantasy 1923 Miscellaneous (Classical)
The Clock and the Dresden Figures, for piano & orchestra 1930 Concerto
In the Moonlight, poetic intermezzo for orchestra 1919 Orchestral
In the Mystic Land of Egypt for tenor, chorus & orchestra 1931 Choral
In a Monastery Garden, for organ Keyboard
Wedgwood Blue, intermezzo for orchestra 1920 Orchestral
Chal Romano Overture for orchestra 1924 Orchestral
The Cockney Suite, Cameos of London Life, for orchestra 1924 Orchestral
The Phantom Melody Miscellaneous (Classical)
With Honour Crowned for orchestra Orchestral
Ballet Egyptien, Op 12 Ballet
Tangled Tunes, for orchestra 1914 Orchestral
Bank Holiday Miscellaneous (Classical)
By the Blue Hawaiian Waters, Tone Picture 1927 Orchestral
In a Lovers' Garden, suite 1925 Orchestral
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
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