Albert Huybrechts

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Belgian composer Albert Huybrechts began his musical training at the Brussels Conservatory, where among his teachers was Joseph Jongen. In 1926, Huybrechts was awarded the prestigious Elisabeth Sprague…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Sonata for violin & piano 1925 Chamber Music
Sonatina for flute & viola 1934 Chamber Music
Trio for flute, viola & piano 1926 Chamber Music
Quintet for winds Chamber Music
Suite for winds & piano Chamber Music
Sextet for winds Chamber Music
Andante, for oboe & piano 1916 Chamber Music
Choral, for organ 1930 Keyboard
Concertino for cello & piano Concerto
Pastorale, for viola da gamba & piano 1934 Chamber Music
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