Alan Shulman

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Year Title Avg.
Bach Bay Blues, for harp, guitar & strings (after J.S. Bach) 03:11 Chamber Music Blues
Barber's Hitch, for harp, guitar & strings (after Mozart) 02:56 Chamber Music
1954 The Bop Gavotte, for strings 02:54 Orchestral
Capriciousness No. 24, for harp, guitar & strings (after Paganini) 02:21 Chamber Music Character Piece
1948 Cello Concerto 26:49 Concerto
Cod Liver 'Ile (No.4, Suite on American Folksongs) 01:14 Vocal Music Suite
Coo Dinny Coo, for harp, guitar & strings (after Grigoras Dinicu) 02:51 Chamber Music Character Piece
Droschky Drag, for harp, guitar & strings (after Tchaikovsky) 02:37 Chamber Music Dance
Fable in Sable, for harp, guitar & strings (after Tchaikovsky) 03:04 Chamber Music Character Piece
Foster Chile, for harp, guitar & strings (after Stephen Foster) (a.k.a. "Southern Comfort") 03:06 Chamber Music Character Piece
Goulash, for harp, guitar & straings (after Brahms) 02:52 Chamber Music Character Piece
1949 Hatikvah, arranged for orchestra 01:32 Orchestral
Heavy Traffic on Canal Street, for harp, guitar & strings (after "The Carnival of Venice") 02:41 Chamber Music Character Piece
High Voltage, for ensemble 03:00 Chamber Music
1938 Homage to Erik Satie, for cello & piano 01:51 Chamber Music
1970 Kol Nidre, for cello & piano 09:52 Chamber Music
1983 Lament No. 2, for cello & piano 04:43 Chamber Music
1939 Lament, for cello & piano 02:57 Chamber Music
1951 A Laurentian Overture 09:08 Orchestral
1954 Minuet for Moderns, for strings 03:37 Orchestral
Mood in Question, for harp, guitar & strings 03:14 Chamber Music
Nightcap, for harp, guitar & strings (after J.S. Bach) 02:37 Chamber Music Character Piece
1938 A Nocturne for strings 04:26 Orchestral
Peter Ilyich on the Flying Trapeze, for harp, guitar & strings (after Tchaikovsky) 03:07 Chamber Music Character Piece
Platter Chatter, for harp, guitar & strings 02:48 Chamber Music
Rendezvous for clarinet & strings 04:46 Concerto Concerto
Riffin' Raff, for harp, guitar & strings (after Joachim Raff) 02:26 Chamber Music Character Piece
Sailor's Dance, for harp, guitar & strings (after Glière) 02:28 Chamber Music Dance
1941 Serenade, for cello & piano 04:12 Chamber Music
Shoot the Schubert to Me Hubert, for harp, guitar & strings (after Schubert) 02:33 Chamber Music Character Piece
1946 Song of the Moon Festival in the Woods, for voice & piano 01:58 Vocal Music
1951 Suite for solo cello 08:59 Chamber Music
1960 Suite for the young cellist, for cello & piano 04:24 Chamber Music
1940 Theme & Variations for viola & orchestra (or piano) 13:56 Concerto Variations
1949 Waltzes for orchestra 07:58 Orchestral
Yorkshire Pudding, foxtrot for harp, guitar & strings (after "Danny Boy") 02:47 Chamber Music Dance