Al Dana


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Year Album Artist
2012 In the Christmas Mood Glenn Miller / The Glenn Miller Orchestra Group Member
2007 A World Of Parachute Play Vocals
2007 A to Z, The Animals and Me Vocals
2007 Figer Play Fun Georgiana Stewart Narrator
2007 Rock 'N Roll Fitness Fun Narrator, Vocals
2007 Songs About America: Celebrating America's History Vocals
2006 Choo Choo to the Zoo Georgiana Stewart Narrator
2006 Dedo Arriba, Dedos Abajo Narrator
2006 Fitness Fun for Kids Narrator
2006 Start Smart Songs for 1s and 2s Vocals
2006 Talon y Dedo, Vamanos Todos! Narrator
2004 Circle Time Activities Georgiana Stewart Vocals
2004 Favorite Songs for Kids Vocals
2004 Musical Scarves Georgiana Stewart Vocals
2002 Three Silly Little Kittens Vocals
2001 Dance Party Fun Vocals
2001 Four Baby Bumblebees: Classic Singable Songs Vocals
2001 Here Is Thumbkin: More Action Songs Vocals
2001 Nursery Rhyme Time Vocals
2000 Aerobic Power For Kids Lee Campbell-Towell Vocals
2000 All-Time Favorite Dances Vocals
2000 Children's Folk Dances Georgiana Stewart Vocals
2000 Cool Aerobics for Kids Vocals
2000 Five Little Monkeys Vocals
2000 Gotta Dance! Vocals
2000 Multicultural Rhythm Stick Fun Vocals
2000 Simplified Rhythm Stick Activities Narrator, Vocals
2000 Six Little Ducks [Kimbo] Vocals
2000 Songs About Insects, Bugs & Squiggly Things Vocals
2000 Songs About Me Vocals
1999 In the Swinging Christmas Mood The Glenn Miller Orchestra Vocals
1998 Holiday Piggyback Songs Vocals
1997 Everyone Says I Love You Vocals
1997 Film Noir Carly Simon Vocals (Background)
1997 In the Christmas Mood [3 Disc] The Glenn Miller Orchestra Vocals
1997 In the Nutcracker Mood The Glenn Miller Orchestra Vocals
1995 Piggyback Songs Vocals
1995 The Mighty Aphrodite Choir/Chorus
1994 Radioland Murders Vocals
1993 Entering Marion John Forster Vocals (Background)
1993 In the Christmas Mood, Vol. 2 Glenn Miller / The Glenn Miller Orchestra Member of Featured Artist, Vocals
1993 Toddlerific Georgiana Stewart Vocals
1991 In the Christmas Mood, Vol. 1 Glenn Miller Vocals
1989 Halloween Fun Vocals
1980 Heel, Toe, Away We Go Georgiana Stewart Narrator
1977 Simple Folk Dances Georgiana Stewart Narrator
1977 Toes Up, Toes Down Narrator
1975 I Like Myself Vocals
Joining Hands With Other Lands Jackie Weissman Vocals
Patriotic Songs And Marches Dennis Buck Vocals
Preschool Action Time: Activities and Finger Plays Carol Totsky Hamett Vocals
Waiting for a Wind Henry Gaffney Vocals (Background)