Following the band's inception in the late '90s, Seattle hardcore unit Akimbo took to the road, relentlessly touring the country over the years and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. The band -- comprised of Jared Burke Eglington (guitar), Jon Weisnewski (bass/vocals), and Nat Damm (drums) -- credited the thunderous intensity and sonic explosion of its music to influences ranging from the classic rock of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin to the attitudes of Black Flag and the Melvins. Working with various labels over the course of about five years, Akimbo issued four releases -- Army of Evil Robots Programmed for Human Destruction 7", Harshing Your Mellow, City of the Stars, and Elephantine. Early 2006 found the hard-working band issuing its fifth ruthless album, Forging Steel and Laying Stone, through its new home at Alternative ...
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Elephantine 2005 Elephantine
Harshing Your Mellow 2007 Harshing Your Mellow
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