Known professionally as Aidonia (sometimes credited as Idonia), Sheldon Lawrence is a deejay from Kingston, Jamaica with a rapid, festive flow directly inspired by '80s and '90s dancehall reggae. Lawrence first began writing lyrics after viewing a 1993 clash between Beenie Man and Bounty Killer. He began performing concerts at school, and he formed a crew with his friends called J.A.G. 1 (Jah A Guide One), also known as Jag One Productions or J.O.P. Lawrence lived in New York City for a few years and had minor involvement in the city's dancehall scene, but he was encouraged to return to Jamaica and pursue music-making as a career. He met Mr. G (formerly known as Goofy) and recorded the debut single "Many a Dem" in 2003. He began performing at weekly events in 2004, and recorded singles for labels like Orize'n Entertainment and Young ...
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