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Year Album Artist
2017 Big New York Soul: Wand Records 1961-1966 Chuck Jackson Liner Notes
2016 California Soul: Funk & Soul from the Golden State 1965-1975 Illustrations
2016 Harmony of the Soul: Vocal Groups 1962-1967 Liner Notes
2016 Jack Ashford: Just Productions Liner Notes
2016 Just as Long: Complete Wand Recordings, 1972-1974 The Independents Illustrations
2016 Modernism Compiled
2016 The Arock Serock Sylvia Soul Story Continued Liner Notes
2015 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Soul, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
2015 Dore L.A. Soul Sides, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Archive Research
2015 Jon Savage Presents 1966: The Year the Decade Exploded Project Coordinator
2015 Masterpieces of Modern Soul, Vol. 4 Illustrations, Liner Notes, Archive Research
2015 Modernists: A Decade of Rhythm and Soul Dedication Liner Notes
2015 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities, Vol. 5 Liner Notes
2015 Solid Stax Sensations Coordination, Research
2014 Kent's Cellar of Soul, Vol. 3 Illustrations, Liner Notes
2014 Lay This Burden Down: The Very Best of Mary Love Mary Love Illustrations, Liner Notes, Records
2014 Mod Jazz and Then Some! Illustrations
2014 Soul in Harmony: Vocal Groups 1967-1977 Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2014 The Rebel Kind: Girls with Guitars, Vol. 3 Photo Courtesy
2014 The Best of the Superbs The Superbs Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Archive Research
2014 The Good Foot: The Soundtrack to His Soho Night Snowboy Memorabilia
2014 The London American Label, Year by Year: 1965 Illustrations
2014 Too Late Baby: The Old Town Singles 1958-66 Arthur Prysock Memorabilia
2013 Era Records: Northern Soul Liner Notes
2013 Foxy R&B: Richard Stamz Chicago Blues Memorabilia
2013 New Breed Blues with Black Popcorn Liner Notes
2013 Pain Gets a Little Deeper: The Complete Early Years 1965-1971 Darrow Fletcher Liner Notes, Archive Research
2013 Romark Records: Kent Harrris' Soul Sides Illustrations, Liner Notes
2013 Southern Soul Brother: The Murco Recordings 1967-1969 Eddy Giles Contribution
2013 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 8 Illustrations
2012 Crossover Records: 1975-1979 L.A. Soul Sessions Darrow Fletcher Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Source Material
2012 Fender: The Golden Age 1950-1970 Coordination
2012 Kent 30: Best of Kent Northern 1982-2012 Illustrations, Liner Notes
2012 Kent Harris' R&B Family Liner Notes
2012 King Northern Soul, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
2012 Make It Your Sound, Make It Your Scene: Vanguard Records & the 1960s Musical Revolution Memorabilia
2012 Manhattan Soul, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
2012 Mod Jazz Forever Memorabilia
2012 The Cleethorpes Northern Soul Weekender: 1993-2012 Liner Notes
2011 Before the Fall Photography, Coordination, Archival Materials
2011 Black Diamond: Dave Hamilton's Detroit Masters O.C. Tolbert Liner Notes, Research
2011 I'll Do Anything: The Doris Troy Anthology 1960-1996 Doris Troy Liner Notes
2011 Manhattan Soul: Scepter, Wand and Musicor Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2011 Masterpieces of Modern Soul, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
2011 Rock Your Baby: Red Hot Rompers for Children of All Ages Coordination, Memorabilia
2010 C'est Chic! French Girl Singers of the 1960s Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2010 Theme Time Radio Hour 3 with Bob Dylan Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2010 Together: The Complete Modern And Kent Recordings Arthur Adams / Al King Illustrations
2009 Best of the Wand Years Maxine Brown Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2009 Goldwax Northern Soul Liner Notes
2009 Slow 'n' Moody Black & Bluesy & More Liner Notes
2009 The 100 Club Anniversary Singles 6TS 1979-2009 Liner Notes
2009 The Mirwood Records Masters Jackie Lee Sleeve Notes
2009 The Real Thing: The Songs of Ashford, Simpson and Armstead Memorabilia
2009 The Soul of Money Records, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
2009 Theme Time Radio Hour: Season 2 Liner Notes
2009 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 7 Illustrations
2009 You Won't Forget Me: The Complete Liberty Singles, Vol. 1 Jackie DeShannon Photography
2008 Break-A-Way: The Songs of Jackie DeShannon Memorabilia, Photo Courtesy
2008 J&S Harlem Soul Liner Notes
2008 Take Me to the River: A Southern Soul Story 1961-1977 Memorabilia
2008 The Godfather's R&B: James Brown's Productions 1962-67 Memorabilia
2008 The Very Best of Garland Green Garland Green Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2007 Birth of Soul, Vol. 4 Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Cover Illustration, Label Design
2007 For Connoisseurs Only, Vol. 3 Photography, Liner Notes
2007 Larry Banks' Soul Family Album Liner Notes
2007 Northern Monsters Compilation Producer, Liner Notes, Archive Research
2007 The Soul of Spring, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Archive Research
2006 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
2006 Kent's Cellar of Soul, Vol. 2 Liner Notes
2006 Mirwood Soul Story, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Archive Research, Label Design
2006 The Goldwax Years Spencer Wiggins Liner Notes
2006 The Soul of Money Records, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Archive Research
2005 6T's Rhythm & Soul Society: In the Beginning Liner Notes
2005 For Connoisseurs Only, Vol. 2 Liner Notes, Photo Courtesy
2005 GWP NYC TCB Liner Notes, Archive Research
2005 Goldwax Recordings The Ovations Liner Notes
2005 Groovin' Out on Life The Newbeats Memorabilia, Label Design
2005 Heavy Soul: Old Town & Barry's Deep Down & Dirty Sides Coordination
2005 Holding the Losing Hand: Hotlanta Soul, Vol. 3 Memorabilia, Archive Research, Label Design
2005 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities, Vol. 2 Annotation
2005 The Old Town & Barry Soul Survey Liner Notes, Research
2004 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures: Taken from Our Vaults, Vol. 4 Coordination, Archive Research
2004 Girls With Guitars Coordination
2004 Goldwax Story, Vol. 2 Archive Research
2004 Greatest Recordings The Diplomats Annotation
2004 Hustle! The Ultimate Fatback 1969-84 The Fatback Band Label Design
2004 Once Upon a Time in Wigan Liner Notes, Archive Research
2004 Renfro Soul Story: Priceless Los Angeles Northern Soul Archive Research
2004 The Mirwood Soul Story Liner Notes, Archive Research
2004 The Soul of Sue: The UK Sue Label Story, Vol. 3 Photography, Liner Notes, Memorabilia
2004 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 6 Photography, Coordination, Memorabilia
2003 Definitive Impressions, Pt. 2 The Impressions Liner Notes, Archive Research
2003 Fatback's Soul Shop Liner Notes, Archive Research
2003 Girls! Girls! Girls!: A Yearbook of Dream Dates Photography, Memorabilia
2003 L.A.'s Silver Soul: Lee Silver's Symphonic Product Liner Notes
2003 Masterpieces of Modern Soul Liner Notes, Archive Research
2003 Pounds of Soul Archive Research
2003 Rare Collectable and Soulful, Vol. 1 Liner Notes, Archive Research, Photo Courtesy
2003 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 5 Photography, Coordination
2002 Impressed!: 24 Groups Inspired by the Impressions & Curtis Mayfield Liner Notes
2002 King's Serious Soul, Vol. 2: Counting Teardrops Coordination
2002 The Arock & Sylvia Soul Story Liner Notes, Memorabilia, Discography, Sleeve Notes
2002 The Soul of Money Records Liner Notes, Archive Research
2001 Birth of Soul, Vol. 3 Archive Research
2001 For Connoisseurs Only Research
2001 King Northern Soul, Vol. 2 Archive Research
2001 Northern Soul's Classiest Rarities Text
2001 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 4 Photography, Coordination
2000 Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures: Taken From Our Vaults, Vol. 3 Archive Research
2000 Gettin' to Me Liner Notes, Archive Research
2000 Golden State Soul: San Franciscan Dancers & Smoochers Compilation Producer
2000 King Funk Memorabilia
2000 King Northern Soul Producer, Liner Notes, Research
2000 King's Serious Soul: Too Much Pain Archive Research
2000 Our Turn to Cry Archive Research
2000 Sanctified Soul [Kent] Archive Research
2000 Shrine: The Rarest Soul Label Ever, Vol. 2 Archive Research
2000 The Beat Goes On: Atlantic's Dance Through the 50s, 60s and 70s Liner Notes, Archive Research
1999 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers, Vol. 2 Dave Hamilton Research
1999 Let's Crossover Again Liner Notes
1999 So Soulful 70's Photography, Liner Notes, Memorabilia
1999 Stone Soul: San Francisco's Loadstone Label Liner Notes
1999 Where It's At: Soul in the Midnight Hour Memorabilia
1999 Where the Girls Are, Vol. 2 Project Coordinator
1998 Bill Haney's Atlanta Soul Brotherhood Compilation Producer
1998 Birth of Soul, Vol. 2 Archive Research
1998 Dave Hamilton's Detroit Dancers Archive Research
1998 Hotlanta Soul Compilation Producer
1998 Los Angeles Showcase of Soul Liner Notes, Archive Research
1998 Modern's Serious Shades of Soul Liner Notes
1998 Music City Soul Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1997 Chess Uptown Soul Liner Notes
1997 Dresses Too Short/Is It Because I'm Black? Syl Johnson Project Coordinator
1997 Greatest Hits: The Spring Years, 1970-1977 Joe Simon Liner Notes
1997 Kent's Magic Touch Compilation Producer, Photography
1997 New York Soul Serenade Compilation Producer, Photography, Memorabilia
1997 Northern Soul Spectrum Compilation Producer
1997 Soul of Spring Photography
1997 Still Wanna Be Black Jimmy Lewis Compilation Producer
1997 The Biggest Man Tommy Hunt Photography, Liner Notes
1996 Big in Wigan Compilation Producer
1996 Birth of Soul Compilation Producer
1996 Storming 60's Soul Sounds! Liner Notes
1996 The Hotlanta Soul of Loleatta Holloway Loleatta Holloway Liner Notes
1995 3000 Volts of Stax Photo Courtesy
1995 Carnival of Soul, Vol. 2: Feelin' Good Liner Notes
1995 Carnival of Soul, Vol. 3: I Wanna Be Liner Notes, Archive Research, Label Design
1995 Dancing 'til Dawn Compilation Producer
1995 Do the Crossover Baby Compilation Producer
1995 L.A. Happening Liner Notes, Archive Research
1995 Living the Nightlife Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1995 OKeh: A Northern Soul Obsession, Vol. 1 Archive Research
1995 Slow 'n' Moody Black & Bluesy [Virgin] Liner Notes
1995 Spring Story: Essential 70's Soul Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1995 Sweet Sound of Success Photography
1995 Uptown Down South Liner Notes
1994 Carnival of Soul, Vol. 1: Wishes Compilation Producer, Liner Notes
1994 Then & Now Mary Love Liner Notes, Memorabilia
197? Careful Man John Edwards Liner Notes
1974 Act One Act One Liner Notes
Birth of Soul: Special Detroit Edition 1961-64 Compiled
Bob Holmes' Nashville Soul Liner Notes
Brent: Superb 60s Soul Sounds Liner Notes, Memorabilia
Come Back Strong: Hotlanta Soul, Vol. 4 Liner Notes
Deep Shadows: Best of Kent Ballads Liner Notes
Dore L.A. Soul Sides Liner Notes, Archive Research
Good Vibrations: A Record Shop, A Label, A Film Soundtrack Coordination, Photo Courtesy
Hard To Explain: More Shattered Dreams: Funky Blues 1968-1984 Records
Incomparable Soul Vocalist Lou Johnson Liner Notes, Memorabilia
I’m Living Good: The Soul of Arthur Conley 1964-1974 Arthur Conley Memorabilia
Los Angeles Soul: Kent-Modern's Black Music Legacy 1962-1971 Liner Notes
Lost Without You: The Best of Kent Ballads 2 Illustrations, Liner Notes
Mainstream Modern Soul, Vol. 2: 1969-1976 Liner Notes
Making a Good Thing Better: The Complete Westbound Singles 1970-76 Denise LaSalle Photo Courtesy
Manhattan Soul, Vol. 3 Liner Notes
New Breed Workin': Blues with a Rhythm Liner Notes
Pied Piper: Finale Liner Notes
Pied Piper: Follow Your Soul Liner Notes
Songs for the Dog and Duck (Saint Etienne Present) Coordination
Soul on the Dancefloor Joe Simon Liner Notes, Coordination, Memorabilia
The Moods of Millie Jackson: Her Best Ballads Millie Jackson Coordination
Woman's Way: Complete Rozetta Johnson 1961-1975 Rozetta Johnson Liner Notes