Adrian Willaert

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Considered the father of the Venetian school of composition, Willaert was one of the most influential figures regarding the history of western music.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Madonna mia famme bon'offerta, canzona for 4 voices 02:50 Vocal Music
Sempre mi ride sta donna da bene, canzona for 4 voices 02:13 Vocal Music
Missa Christus resurgens, for 4 voices 41:29 Choral
Jouissance vous donneray, chanson for 5 voices 03:16 Vocal Music
O bene mio fam'uno favore, canzona for 4 voices 02:58 Vocal Music
O magnum mysterium, motet for 4 voices (Motecta liber primus) 03:51 Choral
A quand' a quand'haveva una vicina, canzone for 4 voices 03:54 Vocal Music
Vecchie letrose non valete niente, canzone for 4 voices 01:58 Vocal Music
Dessus le marché d'Arras, chanson for 4 voices 1528 01:30 Vocal Music
Cingari simo venit'a giocare, canzona for 4 voices 02:46 Vocal Music
Ave virgo sponsa, motet for 6 voices (Motecta liber primus) 06:45 Choral
O dolce vita mia che t'haggio fatto, canzona for 4 voices 03:43 Vocal Music
Lauda Jerusalem Dominum (Psalm 147), for 4 voices (I sacri e santi salmi...) 05:02 Vocal Music Choral
Quante volte diss'io, madrigal for 4 voices (Madrigali) 03:09 Vocal Music
Douleur me bat, chanson for 6 voices 03:12 Vocal Music
Pater noster, motet for 4 voices (Mottetti libro secondo) 04:49 Choral
Magnificat sexti toni, for 4 voices (I sacri e santi salmi...) 05:32 Choral
Amor mi fa morire, madrigal for 4 voices (Madrigali) 03:08 Vocal Music
Le vecchie per invidia, canzona for 4 voices (attributed) 03:06 Vocal Music
Occhio non fu giamai, canzona for 4 voices 02:28 Vocal Music
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