Adam Václav Michna

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Adam Václav Michna is one of the most important artistic figures to emerge from the Czech lands during the dark period of the Thirty Years War. He was hugely successful and influential in the Czech lands…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Czech Lute for voice, strings & organ Vocal Music
Ceská mariánská muzika, for 4-5 voices & continuo 1647 Choral
Svatorocni muzika, for 4-5 voices & continuo 1661 Choral
Slavné Syna Boziho Vzkrisení (The Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Alarmo soudu vseobecného 1947 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Touzebná pobozne umírající melankolie I 1647 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Duse v ocistcovém ohni 1647 Miscellaneous (Classical)
O vecnosti 1647 Miscellaneous (Classical)
O narození Pána Krista (On the Birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Adama, prvního Otce, pokání (Repentance of Adam, our First Father) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Mass No 6, pro defunctis à 6 et à 10 1654 Choral
Druhá o svaté Lidumile (Another about Saint Ludmila) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Pozdravení Krista Jezise ukrizovaného (Salute to Christ Crucified) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Rozjímání umucení Syna Boziho (Meditation on the Torment of the Son of God) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Svatý Hippolit cervená mucedl (Saint Hippolytus, the Red Martyr's Rose from Jindrichuv Hradec) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Vánocní rosicka (Christmas Dew) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Item jiná on narození Pána Krista (Yet another on the Birth of the Lord Jesus) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Zvání jeslickám Krista Pána (Invitation to the Manger of the Lord Jesus) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Vánocní noc (Christmas Night) Miscellaneous (Classical)
O svatých Crhovia a Strachotovi. . . (On Saints Crha and Strachota, Bishops & Patron Saints of Bohemia & Moravia) Miscellaneous (Classical)
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