Adam Skatula


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Year Album Artist
2016 Deathgrip Fit for a King A&R
2016 Everything Was Sound Silent Planet A&R
2016 Integral Forevermore A&R
2016 Mirror Dimly Citizens & Saints Group Member
2016 Polar Similar Norma Jean A&R
2016 Types and Shadows Wolves at the Gate A&R
2015 Cities and Never Take Friendship Personal: Live in New York City Anberlin A&R
2015 Cities: Live in New York City Anberlin A&R
2015 Triple Play August Burns Red A&R
2014 Extremist Demon Hunter A&R
2014 Join the Triumph Citizens & Saints Drums, Group Member
2014 Lowborn Anberlin A&R
2014 Slave to Nothing Fit for a King A&R
2014 The Night God Slept Silent Planet A&R
2014 VxV Wolves at the Gate A&R
2013 Anchors I Am Empire A&R
2013 Between Here & Lost Love and Death A&R
2013 Citizens Citizens Group Member
2013 Creation/Destruction Fit for a King A&R
2013 Descendants: Redux Fit for a King A&R
2013 Ghost Thief Living Sacrifice A&R
2013 Rescue & Restore August Burns Red A&R
2012 Already Not Yet Citizens Group Member
2012 Captors Wolves at the Gate A&R
2012 Dangerous KJ-52 A&R
2012 Finding Our Way Hyland A&R
2012 I Am Becoming the Archetype A&R
2012 MyChildren MyBride MyChildren MyBride A&R
2012 No Direction The Wedding A&R
2012 Rhythm ‘N Moves Capital Lights A&R
2012 Sleddin' Hill: A Holiday Album August Burns Red A&R
2012 True Defiance Demon Hunter A&R
2012 We Search, We Dig The Overseer A&R
2011 Alive In You 7eventh Time Down A&R
2011 Leveler August Burns Red A&R
2011 My Brain Says Stop, But My Heart Says Go! FM Static Assistant
2011 Patterns Run Kid Run A&R
2011 Scripted Icon for Hire A&R
2011 We Do What We Want Emery A&R
2011 Weights & Measures Hyland A&R
Come In Children 18:3 A&R
Dead in the Shadow To Speak of Wolves A&R
Handmade The Ongoing Concept A&R
If I Never Speak Again Hearts Like Lions A&R
In a Breath New Empire A&R
Inside Out XXI. A&R
Letters to Lost Loves Tyson Motsenbocker A&R
Rest & Let Go The Overseer A&R
Saloon The Ongoing Concept A&R
Telos Forevermore A&R
Time In Place Artifex Pereo A&R
You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs Civilian A&R