Aaron Marsh


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Year Album Artist
2016 Drift Erra Artwork
2016 First World Problems Failure Anthem Photography, Design, Layout
2016 Strange Fate Out Came The Wolves Photography, Layout Design
2016 Worth the Pain Letters from the Fire Art Direction
2015 Brotherhood of the Blade Whitechapel Photography
2015 Eye of Providence The Agonist Artwork
2015 The Dying Things We Live For Like Moths to Flames Layout
2014 Broken Compass Sleepwave Artwork, Logo Art
2014 In Humor and Sadness '68 Photography
2014 Our Endless War Whitechapel Cover Art
2014 Rise of the Lion Miss May I Artwork
2013 Augment Erra Artwork, Design
2013 Fragile Figures Secrets Artwork
2013 Know Hope The Color Morale Layout Design
2013 Rise A Skylit Drive Design, Layout
2013 Satori I the Mighty Artwork, Layout
2012 Collide With the Sky Pierce the Veil Art Direction, Layout
2012 Cycles No Bragging Rights Layout Design
2012 God of the Serengeti Vinnie Paz Illustrations
2012 Listening Ben Taylor Layout Design
2012 Only Time Can Tell West End Motel Package Layout
2012 Polarities Everyone Dies In Utah Design, Layout
2012 The Big Fuck You Primer 55 Layout
2012 Whitechapel Whitechapel Design, Cover Art, Layout
2011 Digital Veil The Human Abstract Artwork, Layout
2011 Reborn This Romantic Tragedy Layout
2011 Shadow Country Miracle at St. Anna Artwork
2011 The Black Harvest Armor For The Broken Artwork, Design
2011 The Language Barrier Delusions Layout Design
2011 The Process of Human Extermination Fit for an Autopsy Layout
2011 Trust in Few We Are Defiance Design, Art Conception
2008 Go Crazy! Throw Fireworks! The Casting Out Artwork
2006 Punk Goes 90s Producer
2005 A Concept from Fire A Dozen Furies Design, Layout Design
2005 Accessories: Rarities & B-Sides The Gathering Artwork
2005 Burn Season Burn Season Artwork, Design
2005 Happy Christmas, Vol. 4 Producer
2005 Life Before This Life Before This Artwork
2005 Lights Out Fall River Artwork
2005 Myspace Records, Vol. 1 Producer
2005 Paradigm in Entropy Bleed the Sky Artwork, Concept Design
2005 Paradise, Found Fight Paris Photography, Artwork
2005 Point of Origin Allele Art Direction, Design, Layout Design
2005 Pretty Girls With Ugly Boys Divide the Day Design
2005 Romantic Wealth Lorene Drive Art Direction, Design
2005 They Want You Silent Bloodlined Calligraphy Design, Layout Design
2005 Trustkill Takeover Photography
2005 Voodoo for Fun and Profit Alston Design, Cover Art
2004 Blood Sweat and Ten Years Photography, Artwork, Layout Design
2004 Different Brand of Country AK Coral Artwork
2004 Maybe This Christmas Tree Producer
2004 Rebuild/Reform Motion Picture Demise Artwork
2004 Revelations of the Unsung The Autumn Offering Art Direction, Image Design
2004 Strata Cover Art Concept
2004 The Dead and Dreaming Dry Kill Logic Photography, Artwork, Design
2004 The Caitiff Choir It Dies Today Photography, Artwork, Design
2004 The Oncoming Storm Unearth Layout Design
2004 The Wilting Thousand Falling Skies Artwork, Design, Concept
2004 Things Aren't So Beautiful Now A Thorn for Every Heart Design, Layout Direction
2003 Songs for the Restless Endo Artwork, Design
2002 27 Days Erase the Grey Artwork
7 Brent Walsh Design, Layout
Awake in Color Bad Seed Rising Photography, Design, Layout
Blood & Spirits Brian Marquis Artwork, Layout
Dead in the Shadow To Speak of Wolves Artwork
Feeding Fiction Heartist Illustrations, Art Direction, Design, Layout
Indefinite The Brigades Design, Cover Photo
Spilled Ink Honour Crest Artwork
Suspiria Nightmares Artwork
We Are the Same Tallhart Artwork
What It Is To Burn: X Live Finch Executive Producer, Filmmaker