Influenced by rap, rock, and new wave, 2 Skinnee J's are an energetic, silly, and sometimes stingingly satirical group who have suffered as many problems with record companies as they have lineup changes. The band formed at the beginning of 1991 with dual MCs Special J and Rabbi J-Slim handling the vocals, Joey Viturbo playing guitar, Sammy B playing the bass, DJ Casper on the keyboards, and Andy Action behind the drums. The cassette demo 6 Songs for 5 Bucks was released that same year, but Eddie B would be gone by the summer of 1992 and replaced by Eddie Eyeball. Four saxophonists would be added to the band that year, beefing up a lineup that would hit the stage in colorful costumes for an energetic, theatrical live show. A second cassette demo, American Heroes, appeared with the spelling "Too Skinnee J's" in 1994 just as Joey Viturbo ...
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Super Mercado 1998 Super Mercado
Volumizer 2000 Volumizer
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