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Zoetosis Review

by Matt Borghi

Concerning Telomere's work, the most important distinction to make, especially for electronic music aficionados, is that all of the artist's work is done on the Serge modular synthesizer. Christopher John Macdonald is the gifted composer behind Telomere, and with this 2001 release, Zoetosis, truly we see him visiting old and familiar ground. This seems to be somewhat of a sequel to 1998's Astral Currents, which was Telomere's first recorded and released foray into the ambient/space/atmospheric domain, and what he created with that recording hasn't quite been done since. Telomere possesses the gifted ability to create subtly evolving ambiences, while at the same time giving them a lush and organic feel that's really only been heard in the electronic music of Steve Roach. Like Telomere's previous recording, Zoetosis has minute traces of Tangerine Dream, 1970s era Pink Floyd, and Steve Roach coursing through it. Also, like the previous album, Zoetosis is considered a pick, as the artist's recordings go hand and hand, and one should not be without the other. Telomere has crafted a wonderful work and one that any fan of contemplative music should not be without.

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