Lecherous Gaze

Zeta Reticuli Blues

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If a biker gang from some mid-'70s exploitation epic set up a clubhouse next to your house, Lecherous Gaze sound like what would be blaring out of their stereo at 3 A.M.: loud, fast, greasy, full of swagger and implied violence, and ready to kick butt in pursuit of booze, women, and dangerous good times. On the band's second full-length, Zeta Reticuli Blues, Lecherous Gaze lay out a massive dose of taut, fire-brewed hard rock full of wailing guitars, throbbing basslines, bursting drums, and raw vocals; while early metal is a clear influence, this is less mannered than most modern-day metal, and embraces a "Sworn to fun, Loyal to none" ethos that most current rock acts are too gloomy to contemplate. Instead, Lecherous Gaze take classic hard rock, strip off the gingerbread, crank up the tempos to old-school punk levels, and peel out; their cover of the hardy perennial "Baby, Please Don't Go" is an excellent reference point, sounding more nimble than the average version but still plentifully fierce and muscular, like a big block muscle car that can miraculously turn on a dime. Zaryan Zaidi's voice is rough enough that he makes Lemmy sound like Freddie Mercury, but in this context the sandy blast of his instrument is just right, and paired with Gram Clise's guitars, Chris Grande's bass, and Noel Sullivan's drumming, this music is a furious rumble that will likely make you dangerous in traffic. If you thought real-deal hard rock had no future, Lecherous Gaze have arrived to slap some sense into you, and Zeta Reticuli Blues is a righteous blast of guitar-fueled mania that gives you the courage to stop by the clubhouse next door for a beer and some air guitar.

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