Shinjuku Filth

Zero: Stung

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Dorobo/Iridium label head Darrin Verhagen presents the dark, dance company-commissioned electronic compositions of ZERO/STUNG as a split album. But Verhagen himself is also behind Shinjuku Filth's ZERO, mining a particularly explosive vein of stalk-and-slash sound design. Skittering insect forms inhabit the darkness of "Edge Effect," emerging on a thousand spindly legs to the ritual dance calls of "Loup Alloy" and "Trismus." Shinjuku Filth's involved arrangements of sub-industrial breakbeats and samples should prove just as effectively compelling to human limbs.

ZERO's "Zone Melting" and "Ground" retreat for a more subliminal level of sound infestation, and it is in this range that much of Verhagen's STUNG resides. The first three untitled pieces feature microscopic orchestrations overlaid with membranes of delicately spun samples--vulnerable to the slightest disturbance and graced with a subtly somber and ephemeral fineness. Though the last two tracks revisit ZERO's spastic, synaptic twitches, STUNG stands apart and warrants the unique split-album format. Verhagen's treatment also makes for a welcome, double dose of his label's superb art design.