Naked Soul

You, Me and Jack Kerouac

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The A-side is one of the top tracks on the debut Visiting Your Planet (a genuine treat for all who think the first three Replacements' LPs really rocked). Ex-M.I.A. leader Mike Conley is flying on this song. The three non-LP tracks are even better and two are covers. Hank Williams' "My Bucket's Got a Hole in It" is searing, with Conley all but screaming out the words with so many effects on his voice it has that always-jarring bullhorn sound. Equally good taste is a rousing look at the Who's "Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand," off the immortal 1967 LP The Who Sell Out, the very same seemingly innocent, but very sexually suggestive song the Nils covered in their sets in the '80s, significant since Nils guitarist Carlos Soria was an original member of Naked Soul. It should also be noted that this is the second '60s Who cover Naked Soul has released in three releases, having done 1966's "So Sad About Us" (which the Breeders and the Jam also recorded) on their first EP. After two such high-octane burners, Conley rounds things off with an acoustic version of the LP title track, giving the questioning lyrics an entirely different spin. This is a value-for-money EP. (Note: Since this release is aimed more at radio bigwigs then regular old listeners, the lone f-word on the A-side is replaced by a very conspicuous "bleep." The band pokes further fun at such 19th century prudery by putting on the sleeve "FCC version" in parentheses after the song title.)