You and I

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Dump is James McNew's labor of love, and part and parcel of labors of love is doing whatever the hell you want to do -- in McNew's case, it's covering his favorite artists, whether it's an entire record of Prince songs or tackling obscurities by everyone from the Kinks to Versus. This self-titled single, nominally titled "You and I" for the Silver Apples cover that leads it off, also includes material penned by Barbara Manning ("Flames"), Jandek ("License to Kill"), and Hypnolovewheel ("Living on the Moon") -- in short, four artists who share space only in the most eclectic of record collections. But McNew loves them all equally, performing their songs as lovingly as possible given the lo-fi conditions endemic to Dump records; what he lacks in polish and technique he makes up for in sheer affection.