WWIII Tour 2003


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WWIII Tour 2003 Review

by David Jeffries

Since 2002 it has been studio album, live album, studio album, live album for KMFDM -- so when did they become Phish? Good news for fans: WWIII Tour 2003 doesn't duplicate 2002's Sturm & Drang Tour. Instead, it features the fan favorites Sturm & Drang missed and most of 2003's WWIII. You'd think that WWIII's acerbic look at the Bush administration would turn into angry chaos at this Chicago show, but all the edges are sanded off by overdubbing (either that or KMFDM is one of the most in tune, mistake-free live bands ever). Getting rid of the lesser tracks from WWIII makes this a better way to hear that album's material, and tracks like "Revenge" and "Blackball" sound more absolute here. Great to hear the mighty siren Lucia Cifarelli get her chance at "Juke Joint Jezebel" and "Brute," and you've yet to hear a KMFDM record so punchy and in your face. The silly band-introducing song "Intro" is more fun live than in the studio and "A Drug Against War" brings the album to a thrashing close. With no visuals -- there is a DVD available of the show -- some of the thrill is gone, but there's enough energy here to make fans happy. Too powerful and driven to be called a ripoff but not enough new to be indispensable.

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