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Wormwood Review

by Jason D. Taylor

Fewleftstanding steps forth with a gritty hardcore/metal style and a strong spiritual stance on the album Wormwood. These four musicians are uncompromising and thoroughly intimidating musically, bludgeoning the listener with slab after slab of intense metalcore muscle. Surprisingly enough, throughout this 13-song album there is a spattering of unexpected styles, be it the downright bass funk that welcomes the listener on "Kneel Down and Fight" or the punk-pop melody hidden amidst the testosterone-filled aggro of "The Latest Fad." Fewleftstanding proves to possess much more than just a solid knowledge of how metal is formed. For those looking for old-school thrash, "Against All" has a fast-paced brutality to it, only enhanced by the laid-back jazz transition that appears midway through the song. These quirky fragments of other musical styles make listening to Wormwood immensely pleasurable, as the spontaneity is fresh and invigorating. The group's spiritual side is quite evident throughout, yet listeners would never feel like they are being preached to, so this religious lyrical reliance only aids the listener in understanding Fewleftstanding's musical passion. Fewleftstanding has released an excellent album with Wormwood, allowing the band's music to defy classification while still maintaining an undeniable heaviness.

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