Tim Boone

Worlds of Another Color, Vols. 1-2

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Tim Boone's worlds seem like they would be interesting places to visit, not only for their colors, but for their variety of sounds. The trip starts with Volume I, with all of the music being written in 1989. Side A has decidedly pleasant overtones, starting with a short intro, titled "Diversion". Midway through, we hear the mysterious sounding "Pleiades", which ends rather explosively. The title track ends side A, and leaves the impression of being near or under water. Side B has an alternate approach. Quiet, spacey, and brooding would best describe it. "Event Horizon" and "Ring Nebula" bear out this point. "Singularity" ends side B, and has a definite sonic space sound to it. Tim doesn't want you to forget the trip on which Vol. I has taken you. As for Volume II (written in 1991), the worlds are explored with a more lengthy approach. The average time per track is about ten minutes, as opposed to four minutes on Vol. I. "Continuum" switches between drifting and a soft sequencer rhythm. "Rolling Visions" comes right at you with a radiant sound that doesn't let your attention drift away as long as it plays. "Solitude's Friend" is almost hypnotizing, as if telling a story you can't stop listening to. "Into Their Own Environment" ends Vol. II, and is the longest track on either volume (24:00). It's a flowing piece, and is a bit too overlong. For more information about these or any other of Tim's tapes, write to: Boonetunes, P.O.Box 181618, Dallas, TX 75218.