Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators / Slash

World on Fire

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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators is quite a mouthful for a band and World on Fire is quite a handful for an album. World on Fire stretches on and on, weighing in at 17 tracks, which is just one song longer than Use Your Illusion I, but where that record gained momentum (not to mention identity) through its mess, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators gives the impression that they continue recording because they simply don't know when they're done. Perhaps a good edit or two would've turned the record into something leaner, but there's no evident place to cut. Everything hovers around the "pretty good" mark: Slash, naturally, stands out and his solos are nearly as pleasurable as his riffs, the Conspirators hit their marks with aplomb, as does Myles Kennedy, who never gets in the way of songs, not even ones he's written. As this train barrels on, there's the sense that the record never really started and will never really end, but such full-throttle indulgence may indeed be what some fans want, for there is a whole lot of bang for this buck.

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