World End Carnage

Jigsore Terror

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World End Carnage Review

by Eduardo Rivadavia

Jigsore Terror sure seem to be having a whale of a time for a band propagating World End Carnage, but then they are a death metal band, and a viciously archaic one at that. Indeed, the Swedish trio's first album forgoes any of the genre's technical developments post, say, 1989, to concentrate on spin-cycling the listener with 15 shards of brutal, unadorned old-school death metal bordering on grindcore. Actually, the latter has more to do with said songs' brief duration (typically clocking in at the two-minute mark) and gory titles (e.g. "Gorging on Exposed Arteries," "Rotten Heads," "Scattered Cranial Remains," etc.) than intensity of assault, or all-around punk quotient -- both crucial to grindcore's makeup, and only hinted at here. Not that it matters for, unfortunately, even as a strictly death metal proposition, this nearly uniform, 35-minute barrage of riffs stacked end to end leaves much to be desired. In the moment, they serve their purpose in meting out both punishment and aggressive release, but, once it's all said and done, no memory remains -- other than that crook in your neck or aching brain, perhaps. That in itself may be reason enough for some fans to sample Jigsore Terror's primal death-stew, but anyone looking for deeper extreme metal revelations will want to look elsewhere.

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