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Working in a Goldmine

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"Somewhere in My Heart" must have been a fluke, a last-second recovery of former powers and attitudes, 'cause this banal piece of fluff makes the putrid Love seem like it wasn't so bad after all. Roddy Frame has a nice voice, but this pseudo-funk pop-radio AM dross is so programmed not to offend, it's as offensive as speed metal in the library. Don't listen to this after you've just eaten, unless you've stocked up on carpet-spot remover. Worst of all, this waste is Top Ten in Britain, so don't expect him to come to his senses any time soon. The flip? Live in Bristol, a nice acoustic Bob Dylan number that makes you wish Roddy would can the studio hacks he records with and go it alone like this (think "Birth of the True," etc.). But check this title: "I Threw It All Away." You said it Roddy. Why?