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Woody Allen's love of classic jazz shows when the most popular songs from his movies are gathered onto one disc. From the opening track, "As Time Goes By," it becomes obvious how important Allen's music really is to his films. Although Play It Again, Sam is an obvious tribute to Casablanca, Allen's use of "As Time Goes By" is effective and quite memorable for different reasons than in the classic original. And what would the opening credits to Radio Days be without Harry James' brilliant take on "Flight of the Bumblebee"? That song sets the pace for the movie better than any other song could have and, though it is quite famous for other reasons, Allen made it his own when it was heard in the film's context. This set of music proves that Allen has the eerie ability to take a popular standard and set it so well to one of his films that the listener can pinpoint the exact scene in which the song was used. That is no easy task, especially with the caliber of the songs found here, so as a collection this is not only filled with wonderful jazz, but also serves as a good reminder of Allen's best work.

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