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Wish FM 98.1: Groove - Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture

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California DJ Wish FM pieces together an accessible mix of electronic music for the soundtrack to the heavily hyped rave film Groove. His set begins with some light house music and then moves into darker territory before peaking with some trance anthems and then receding again. Many of the included songs such as Orbital's "Halycyon + On + On" and Bedrock's "Heaven Scent" will most likely be familiar to well-seasoned electronic music listeners, making this a good beginning album for anyone new to the genre. On the other hand, the well-seasoned listeners should find this album a bit disappointing. Sure, Wish FM chooses great songs, but the set changes moods far too quickly with some jarring mixes. For example, after the somewhat lackluster opening collection of house songs, he begins moving into the peaking moments of the album, beginning with "Halycyon + On + On." With this particular song and the few trance anthems that follow, he mixes out of the records far too soon with little to no transition. The opening synth stabs of "Heaven Scent" come out of nowhere, entirely eclipsing the preceding song by Libra Presents Taylor. Three short minutes later, Wish FM mixes out of the album's peak, leaving the listener unsatisfied. Following these few trance songs, he spins some trance-influenced breaks before concluding with Scott Hardkiss' warm and fuzzy remix of "Infinitely Gentle Blows." By this point, the DJ has covered too much ground far too quickly, moving from cheery house to creepy house to trance to breaks and, finally, to a warm concluding song. The listener never gets to revel in any of these different "moods," instead moving on to the next before any sort of identification or emotional investment can be made.