Slightly Stoopid

Winter Tour '05-'06

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Winter Tour '05-'06 is exactly what the title suggests; it's a two-disc compilation of various live recordings from California-based Slightly Stoopid. Even with practically zero presence in the minds and stereos of mainstream America, Slightly Stoopid has been embracing its love of punk, reggae, ska, rock, and oh yeah, weed, for a decade now, much to the delight of a rather impressive underground following. While the album is dotted with the band's schizophrenic hyperactive-punk-to-sunny-reggae nature, the overall vibe leans much more to the mellow, half-baked side; the punk just seems to sporadically appear to make sure the crowd hasn't completely zoned out. After all, the band's later efforts featured more of a Jamaican-esque, groove-rock different than the skatepunk of their earliest days, and this collection absolutely highlights this. "Johnny Law" is one of the best contenders to rile up the mosh-pit, but it's only one of a few even attempting as much. Songs like the horn-laden "Dancing Mood" and "This Joint" find the band grabbing much inspiration from the likes of Bob Marley all the way through, while "Ese Loco" concisely represents both sides of the band's split personality in one two-and-a-half minute stretch. It opens with gentle ska that quickly speeds up into a punk blast before screeching back down to a warm groove before turning things up again to finish. It's a bit funny, though, that Slightly Stoopid is from California. Sure, the songs are mostly all laid-back, good-natured tunes for leisurely afternoons, but as soon as the guys open their mouths to implore the crowd to "Blaze that sh*t, ya'll!," the band sounds more like a bunch of stoned Southerners with wife beaters on, boxers hanging out and beers in hand. That's not to say the music isn't enjoyable, though, and well, everyone present seems to be having a good time. And really, for a soundtrack to summertime BBQs with friends -- or uh, simply rolling a fat one -- you certainly couldn't ask for much better than this.

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