Peter Van Riper

Windows to the Sky

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Windows to the Sky features a vocal duo, with high sliding tones and low drones, performing subtly mixed and modified pieces based on mysterious environmental and pre-verbal human sounds. "Synchronies" features wood, glass, and mechanical sounds in some mysterious place; in "Nook and Cranny," suspended bells and tuned bowls underscore delicate vocal intoning; "Sustainable Music: Acoustic Cups" is a mix of strange breathing sounds (like blowing up a balloon) with light chimes and rain and the sounds of moving, unidentifiable objects; "Susmusic I" is a set of variations on bells with water sounds (and in the background a family pet is being called by name); "Susmusic II (In Memory of John Cage)" is made from environmental sounds, children voices with sustained bell resonances, bird squawks, various drier percussion rattles, and a "coda" of light bell sounds; for "Limits," a highly reverberated rainstick is the primary sound with mysterious low rolling and clicking sounds gradually added into the mix; the pertinently titled "What's Going On" is composed of rain, bird, walking around, and sustained bell sounds; the final "d'Accord" contrasts electronic pulsing and reverberated clicking that is interrupted at times by duet drone singing.