The Mojo Men

Whys Ain't Supposed to Be

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Whys Ain't Supposed to Be Review

by Richie Unterberger

This 21-track disc covers the Mojo Men's first incarnation, when they were a pop-garage group, not the pop-folk-rock act they would evolve into when Jan Errico joined. "She's My Baby" and "Dance With Me" made some noise regionally, "Dance With Me" making the middle of the national charts, but Autumn Records folded before the group got the chance to do any albums. Assembled from a handful of Autumn 45s and many previously unissued recordings, this could be considered the Mojo Men's lost album. But it's really not worth getting excited about, even if you're a garage fan. The thumping, monotonous drums and rinky-dink organ patterns can grate, and worse, the material is often so thin as to be puerile. Juvenile lyrics are a mainstay of many garage recordings, but the Mojo Men's compositions could be downright annoying. Their emulations of the Rolling Stones, Kinks, and Animals were pale, though some promise could be heard in a few moodier, folk-rock influenced cuts.

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1 The Mojo Men 02:12 Amazon
2 The Mojo Men 03:33 Amazon
3 The Mojo Men 03:53 Amazon
4 The Mojo Men 03:35 Amazon
5 The Mojo Men 02:39 Amazon
6 The Mojo Men 02:43 Amazon
7 The Mojo Men 02:18 Amazon
8 The Mojo Men 02:51 Amazon
9 The Mojo Men 03:11 Amazon
The Mojo Men 00:56 Amazon
11 The Mojo Men 02:26 Amazon
12 The Mojo Men 02:10 Amazon
13 The Mojo Men 02:07 Amazon
14 The Mojo Men 02:25 Amazon
15 The Mojo Men 01:41 Amazon
16 The Mojo Men 02:40 Amazon
17 The Mojo Men 02:44 Amazon
18 The Mojo Men 01:49 Amazon
19 The Mojo Men 02:22 Amazon
20 The Mojo Men 03:03 Amazon
21 The Mojo Men 02:34 Amazon
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